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Divyesh Kini: Getting a Glimpse at Different Consulting Approaches

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Staying Productive during School Breaks

Like many students, Divyesh notes he “was looking for something to be done productively for two months because my summer 2020 courses were starting in June so I did not want to waste my time.” Passionate about his field of study, he did not want to be unproductive during the pandemic period and was searching for professional development opportunities. 

Divyesh began his career journey by completing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Mumbai. Then, he went on to complete two years of work experience before going back for his Masters. In this time, he reflects on his job at Fidel Systems as a Graduate Trainee as he recalls it is “where I learned technical skills, I improved my communication to the clients.” 

“Consulting normally has different specific tasks on how to deal with a client so I wanted to know how BCG formulates their problem and how they solve them and get the solution to the clients.”

Divyesh notes, “I was looking for a chance where I could get to know the companies working so I googled BCG since it is one of the top firms I want to work with in the future.” When looking into BCG, he stumbled upon their programs with Forage which lead to him completing five different programs: the BCG Digital Transformation Virtual Experience Program, the BCG Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program, the KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship, the Data@ANZ Virtual Experience Program, and the Accenture Australia Discovery Virtual Experience Program.

From these programs, Divyesh worked on these marketable skills and says how “Forage is helping me a lot as it is giving me an advantage when I am applying for companies.” Then goes on to say “I think the knowledge that I gained from Forage has helped me to apply for this position so in the future if a company wants me to help them out, I can use the knowledge I gained from my education and Forage.”

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“Everything was an important learning lesson for me.”

Building off of his educational experiences from working on his degrees, Divyesh learned tangible skills from the Forage programs that he says he “is currently using in my projects and classes.” For instance, the programs taught him how to utilize analytics software which he notes “I am using tableau [the software] for my courses as well so it has helped me a lot.”

As the experiences focused on data analytics and consulting, he was able to build up his knowledge as he recounts “I learned about data segmentation, data sorting, and data viewing, these were important things for me to learn.” “Another big thing for me was the formal communication, you get to learn how the communication works between the customers and you.” These skills are propelling both his interest and marketability in the field. 

“I recommend Forage to many of my friends.” 

Beyond his friends, Divyesh encourages other students to take a program with Forage as he says “it is important to get to know how the companies are working” and “you will never see this type of program on any other platforms.” He notes the importance of knowing how these types of companies operate as he says, “we have to be aware of how companies are working in current situations. This platform gives you an advantage of knowing how companies work with their clients and what technologies they are using to assess the client’s problems.”

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