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Zoe Kaplan

Senior Writer

Zoe Kaplan is a senior writer at Forage. Prior to Forage, she wrote and edited for Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women. Her work has been featured in career sites The Ladders, Ivy Exec, The Female Quotient, Hive, and more. She earned a B.A. in English from Wesleyan University.

Favorite Career Advice

There's no one perfect way to write a resume or cover letter. Stress less about the formatting, and focus more on showing the company how your skills and experience will be valuable to them.

Experience Highlights

  • 3+ years experience writing in the careers space
  • Former community coordinator for Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women, providing advice, support, and empowerment to professional women

Latest Articles

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

When we think of artificial intelligence, we might think of robots like the ones in “Ex Machina,” who are scarily smarter, closer to humans, and more perceptive than we think. Luckily, that’s an extreme, fictional example. The reality is that artificial intelligence is an innovative, growing field that offers creative opportunities for those who want …

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What Is Upskilling?

Before you land a job, you might spend hours learning a particular set of skills to thrive in that industry and role. Once you start your first day, however, your learning should be far from over. Upskilling is when you learn new skills on the job. It can be a powerful tool for your professional …

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What Are Programming Skills?

Programming skills are what we use to tell a computer, application, or software what to do. These skills are applicable in various career paths — from software engineering to data analytics — and, arguably, even a wider variety of industries. So, what exactly are programming skills, what careers do they apply to, and how can …

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A Guide to Business Etiquette: 25 Tips For Surviving the Modern Workplace

Even if a company you’re applying to seems “back to normal” — five days a week in the office, in-person interviews, and maybe even traditional business attire — business etiquette has fundamentally changed since 2020. There’s no “business as usual” when a pandemic has changed how the world approaches work. We have different attitudes about …

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