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Zoe Kaplan

Senior Writer

Zoe Kaplan is a senior writer at Forage. Prior to Forage, she was a writer, editor, and community coordinator for Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women. Zoe earned a B.A. in English from Wesleyan University.

Her work has been featured in career sites The Ladders, Ivy Exec, The Female Quotient, Hive, and more.

Favorite Career Advice

There's no one perfect way to write a resume or cover letter. Stress less about the formatting, and focus more on showing the company how your skills and experience will be valuable to them.

Experience Highlights

  • 4+ years experience writing about career advice and workplace trends
  • 3+ years experience providing advice, support, and empowerment in online career communities, including Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women

Latest Articles

Take-Home Pay Calculator: Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Paycheck

Gen Z’ers care about their salaries, and for good reason. They’re growing up in a time of high inflation rates. Rent, grocery prices, and other living expenses are rising nationwide. They’re not looking for higher salaries because they’re just money-focused. They’re looking for higher wages because they want to be able to afford to live. …

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Personality Career Quiz

Finding the best career for you involves multiple different factors: what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what industry you want to work in, what kind of company you want to work for — the list goes on. One part of the job search that’s often overlooked is how your personality fits the role. …

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What Are Reasonable Accommodations at Work (and How to Request Them)?

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to a hiring process, work environment, or job responsibilities so an employee with disabilities can apply for or perform their job. Depending on the type of disability, accommodations can look many different ways — from transcription services to accessible parking outside the office. In this guide, we’ll share more about reasonable …

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woman in a wheelchair at a desk doing work
Teamwork Skills for Your Resume

Teamwork skills are the soft skills you use to work efficiently and effectively with others. Even if you’ve never had a professional coworker before, chances are you use teamwork skills in the classroom, while volunteering, and during your extracurricular activities (including, not surprisingly, if you’re on a sports team). Here’s the inside scoop on what …

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What Is Career Readiness?

Being able to succeed in the workplace isn’t just about completing day-to-day tasks — it’s about working with others, managing your workload, communicating your results, and building your career. All of those skills are known as career readiness.  Career readiness is a crucial part of the transition from school to the workplace; being career-ready doesn’t …

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