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10+ Jobs for Communications Majors

Communicating is something we all do, though some of us do it better than others! And if you’re studying communications or have thought about it, you may be wondering what jobs for communications majors are out there. While nearly every job on the planet involves some level of communication, some jobs are tailor-made for communications …

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12+ Liberal Arts Degree Jobs (Plus, 4 Tips on How to Land Them)

If you’re pursuing a liberal arts degree, career and job search anxiety are completely normal. Unlike majors like accounting or software engineering, many liberal arts degree majors don’t immediately translate to specific career paths; however, this doesn’t mean that liberal arts degree jobs are few and far between. In reality, liberal arts degree jobs span …

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What Is Commercial Law?

Commercial law is an area of legal study and practice that deals with conflicts related to selling and purchasing goods, products, and services. In commercial law, lawyers and legal professionals can specialize in niche areas, like intellectual property law or consumer protection. Careers in commercial law often involve intense legal research and require strong attention …

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Commercial lawyers
13+ Jobs for English Majors

As a former English major, I know the pain of coming home during summer break just for someone to say, “Oh, what are you going to do with that degree?” Jobs for English majors may not be as intuitive as other majors — like accounting majors becoming accountants or engineering majors becoming engineers. This doesn’t …

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13+ Jobs for Finance Majors in 2023

The best jobs for finance majors are well-paying roles with high projected employment growth rates. The business and finance industry as a whole is constantly expanding: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U.S. is expected to add around 911,000 business and finance openings each year over the next decade.  With the endless …

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Best Business Degree Jobs in 2023

When it was your turn to select a major, you may have chosen business, thinking it would give you the most job options when you graduated. And, ultimately, that’s correct! For those with a business degree, jobs are plentiful. However, there are so many options that you might be a bit overwhelmed trying to figure …

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10 Jobs That Pay $100K a Year

While a job is often more than just a paycheck, the reality is that most of us work because we need the money. And, for whatever reasons, some of us are looking for jobs that pay $100K a year but worry that we don’t have a few advanced degrees or specialized training to land that …

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