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Guide to Working at Airbnb

Over the last several years, Airbnb has become a household name as the preeminent online marketplace for property owners looking to rent out their spaces and travelers searching for short-term stays.  If you’re one of the more than one billion guests who’ve stayed at an Airbnb since its inception, you know how the service works. …

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Working at Airbnb
Guide to Working at Walmart 

“Save money. Live better.” Sound familiar? As the world’s biggest retailer and the largest company in the U.S. by revenue, Walmart is a well-known retail corporation that operates stores, warehouses, and e-commerce sites all over the world.  If you’re interested in working for the retail giant, Walmart hires employees in nearly every field and industry, …

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Working at Walmart
Guide to Working at AIG

AIG, or the American International Group, Inc., is best known as an international insurance company offering policies to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. As a Fortune 500 company, AIG operates in dozens of countries and employs nearly 50,000 people worldwide.  But what is working at AIG really like? In this guide, we’ll go over: …

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NYC AIG office, working at AIG
Guide to Working at Prudential

Prudential Financial is a financial solutions company that offers a range of products and services, including investment management, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and retirement-related services. If you’re interested in a financial services career and think working at Prudential could be a good fit, learn about typical positions and salaries, benefits, company culture, and how …

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Working at Prudential
Guide to Working at Pfizer

When you think of Pfizer, you probably think of one of a few blockbuster drugs the company has helped develop. And because pharmaceuticals is the company’s core focus, many people working at Pfizer are, of course, scientists. However, taking a drug from concept to reality requires support from all types of roles and teams. From …

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Guide to Working at SAP

As a leading business process management software company, SAP delivers solutions that help businesses organize and distribute data more effectively. Ready to discover more about SAP careers? Learn about working at SAP, including average salaries and benefits, student internship opportunities, and company culture. This guide covers:  What Is SAP?  In 1972, five entrepreneurs and former …

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Working at SAP
Guide to Working at Cisco

Do you use a computer that connects to Wi-Fi? Have you used a conferencing device to talk to people who aren’t in the same room as you? Chances are, you’ve used a technology product that Cisco created. Cisco is a global technology company that builds products businesses and everyday people use to stay connected through …

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Building with Cisco logo on the side
Guide to Working at Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a giant in the financial services sector, offering finance professionals tools and products that help them analyze markets, make trades, and stay up to date with the latest relevant news. However, Bloomberg also works in media, software, machine learning, and data analytics. And according to Forbes, it’s one of the best employers in …

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Bloomberg logo through magnifying glass
Guide to Working at Bank of America

As one of the world’s leading banking and financial institutions, Bank of America provides a variety of financial services to individuals, businesses, corporations, and governments. Ready to discover if working at Bank of America is the right career path for you? In this guide, we cover: What Is Bank of America? Although some parts of …

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Working at Bank of America
Guide to Working at Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, selling furniture and home goods online to millions of satisfied customers. Interested in exploring Wayfair careers? Learn about working at Wayfair, including opportunities for students and new grads and how to prepare for an interview. What Is Wayfair? Wayfair’s roots date back to 2002 …

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Working at Wayfair