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Kwadwo Aning: Furthering Risk Management Skills with Aon

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“I want the opportunity to prove myself, I know I can do something bigger.”

Kwadwo is always on the hunt for ways to improve his knowledge and to put himself in a better spot for landing a job. After working in Ghana for years, he is determined to find his place in the UK professional world as he is on the search for an opportunity to pursue after his Masters. 

In the typical recruiting process, he has found difficulty with firm’s hesitancy with visas: “When I have gotten to the interview stage with most of the firms, they turn skeptical when they find out that I’m on a Tier 4 visa.” Determined to break the cycle, Kwadwo is improving his skills, making himself an ideal candidate. 

“Aon is a well-known company so I figured, since this opportunity is there, why shouldn’t I take advantage of it.”

When Kwadwo stumbled upon the Forage programs through Bright Network, he immediately was drawn to the Aon Apprenticeship Virtual Experience Program. As it honed in on identifying and managing risk, he saw that it coincided with his area of study and eagerly got started. 

“As I am coming from a different jurisdiction, Forage shows you the jurisdiction of the company you’re interested in, giving you a head start on the learning process.” The type of insight provided by the program made him feel more prepared and knowledgeable about Aon. Reflecting on the program, he says “Forage through its program introduces you to the companies and assesses you on real-world problems faced by their client’s.” Knowing how a company works puts you a step ahead of other applicants!

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Applying the skills Kwadwo has been learning in his Masters program, he learned exactly what it is like to implement them into the work of an Apprentice. Noting his experience with it all, he appreciated how he had to “think outside of the box and consider what is most critical when it comes to risk. You really have to take your time with these tasks, it was an eye opening experience.” 

Before I finished up talking with Kwadwo, he gave some advice for those taking the Forage programs:

“If you decide to enroll, be committed to performing the task very well as the program is very practical.” Putting the right amount of time and energy into the programs will help you get the most out of them. You can use them to genuinely learn about the field you’re interested in if you put a legitimate effort into it! 

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