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Rachel Pelta

Head Writer

Rachel Pelta is the Head Writer at Forage. She was a Content Specialist at FlexJobs, writing articles for job seekers and employers who wanted to learn more about the world of flexible and remote work.

Before changing careers, Rachel worked in social services, helping ex-offenders find jobs. She conducted outreach to employers, taught clients how to search for jobs, and assisted with resume writing. As a supervisor she led a team of 15 direct reports, hired new staff, and collaborated with internal and external stakeholders. 

Her work has been featured in Fast Company, HR News, The Ladders, MSN, and Money Talks News.

Favorite Career Advice

Your job can have a major impact on your life. While salary is important, don't forget about things like learning new skills, career growth, and having enough time outside of work to do the things that matter to you.

Experience Highlights

  • 5+ years hiring and managerial experience
  • 7+ years direct experience helping job seekers find work

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