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Amy Yuan: Path to KPMG

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“Consulting isn’t really binded to a specific area, you get to develop a variety of skills… I think that’s why I wanted to choose consulting, because it would allow me to develop as a rounded type of person rather than just focusing on academics or coding.”

Going into university, Amy knew that she wanted to pursue a career in either the business or technology fields. Not choosing either, she realized that she could combine her interests, “after taking calmer subjects as an elective on the side just made me really interested in the business world combined with technology and that’s a really big field nowadays since technology is embedded in every aspect of life.”

Determined to find a career that fit her best, she joined the Investing and Trading club at her university, talked to people who work at KPMG, and gained experience by working part time as a technical officer. These experiences allowed her insights into how big organizations work in general which prompted the next phase of her career development.

“I think it [the virtual experience program] was really really helpful because I was learning really practical things.”

While scrolling through Linkedin, Amy found the opportunities offered by Forage and completed the KPMG Data Analytics virtual experience program and worked through some of the Deloitte Tech Consulting Virtual Internship.

Reflecting back on her experience with the programs, she felt like the program helped her understand more about KPMG and consulting through the work, “we had to make a dashboard, something similar to what we would actually have to do for data analytics… I feel like that really gave me a better idea of what consulting analytics do really.” The hands-on nature of the programs allowed her to build her skills while determining if consulting was a good fit for her.

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“I feel like I’m more prepared to start working there.”

During her application process for KPMG, Amy remembers drawing on her experience with the Forage program, “When I did apply, I had a clearer idea of exactly what they did after completing the virtual experience. Doing some research into what data analytics is just made me a little more confident in my abilities and how I sit in that team.”

Through the virtual experience program, she took her skills and expertise to another level, bridging the gap in learning between school and work. For instance, Amy recounts,  “I feel like the first task was drafting up an email or something and I feel like those are types of things you can’t learn from university like nobody is going to give you a course on that.”

Congratulations Amy on your success securing a position with KPMG!

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By Annabel Gurney – 2021-09-24