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Andrea Mascilongo: Career Change After a Master’s Degree

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Master’s Class: 2021

Area of Study: Business Administration

College: Turin University

Location: Turin, Italy 

On the Mentorship Program 

“I am the first one to go to University in my family. Also, my parents don’t work in big companies so I don’t have a lot of networking outside that I have been able to construct in my university career.” As Andrea does not have family connections in his fields of interest, he was determined to reach out and find a mentor in someone who has experience in the banking industry that can help him make way in the field.

“I found Nick [Andrea’s mentor] very friendly and it is the first time I had a connection with someone this advanced in their career.” With this opportunity with the Forage Mentorship Program, he had someone there to listen and help answer his questions, advice on his resume and cover letter, and applications.

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On Changing Career Paths 

When Andrea started full-time work right after his Master’s internship, he realized that accounting did not allow him to see the impact of his work; therefore, he notes how he “would like to change my focus to something else, that could be management consulting or investment banking which would let me do work that is valuable for the client and has an impact on the broader society.”

Another important goal of his is “to work in a company or environment that is international and allows me to make an experience abroad.” With this goal in mind, he is determined to find a career path that allows him the freedom to see the world while doing rewarding work. 

On the Recruitment Process 

“I had to apply for a lot of internships because I do not come from a top university in Italy and so for companies like the Big Four and Fortune 500 company they tend to discriminate if you do not go to a top university.” Andrea’s perseverance and determination shines through during the application process as he has sent almost 200 applications out to different companies. He aims to get past the application and land an interview so he can showcase his skills and personality. 

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