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Andrea Rivers: Landing her Dream Job While Fighting for Representation

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Searching for Insight

After successfully securing a legal summer associate position, Andrea was searching for a way to prepare herself for the role. She said, “at the time, I was really concerned about preparing for a Summer Associate position”. She wondered, “what the assignments were like”, “I needed to figure out exactly what it was going to be like so I could mentally prepare myself.” 

Passion for Representation in Law

As a Black woman in a field that lacks diversity, Andrea said, “wanting to give back to my community and help my family at the same time was what drove me to law.” “Now it’s just trying to help people who look like me” and going into a field that there’s not a lot of Black people in. She emphasizes one of her main drives to becoming a lawyer is to “make sure that more diverse people enter the legal field.”

Andrea started her legal journey by working at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP as an administrative coordinator and legal receptionist for five years. Throughout her time as a law student, she has interned with a plethora of firms and government agencies including the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys Office, Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider LLP, Federal Trade Commission, Potkin, Williamowsky & Pillay PLLC, and the House Judiciary Committee.  All of these experiences have led her to accept a full-time offer at a boutique antitrust firm.  

Preparing for the Role

In preparation for one of her internships, Andrea found Forage and decided to complete the White & Case US Virtual Learning Program which offered her a general idea of the skills she needed to excel in a summer associate position. Through the program, she realized “the [high] expectations for legal writing skills” that were required for legal work. It made her realize that she needed to start exploring more internship opportunities to gain more experience rather than just working full-time.

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“It was a good primer”

Although Andrea had experience in a law firm, she did not have the specific preparation.“Working in a firm, you think you know what it’s going to be like, but I think the virtual experience was a lot more helpful in terms of knowing the typical assignments for a summer associate.” She recommended it to other students as “it was good insight to have before I went into the role.”  

“Just Prepare Yourself”

Andrea directs her advice towards fellow Black law students as she notes the importance of “staying open to opportunities and staying open to meeting people and having them know who you are.” “Once you’re in law school, it’s a networking game. Having a successful career is about being open and making connections with others.” She encourages students to “find opportunities like Forage where you can use them as an in with companies who are hosting the program.”

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