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Ashish Pathak: The Power of Name Brand Experience

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Job Hunting during Coronavirus 

Like many others, Ashish’s career was thrown off by the pandemic, “due to COVID, I was facing a bit of difficulty finding a job.” He was running into issues with the normal recruitment process and was unable to find a job right away. He was looking for an experience to add to his resume to make him stand out in a job market that was completely turned upside down.

Ashish started his educational journey by earning a Bachelor of Technology from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology before going on to get a Master’s in Electronics Engineering from the University of Auckland with First Class Honors. During his journey, he worked as an Assembly and Test Engineer with Amphenol Phitek Limited and as an Associate Consultant with Wipro Limited. Currently, he has begun working a job with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group as a Business Analyst which he took after being a Salesforce Business Analyst Intern with them for a few months.

Gaining Experience from Top Companies

After finding Forage, Ashish decided to complete 3 of the virtual experience programs: the KPMG virtual experience program, the BCG Strategy Consulting virtual experience program, and Deloitte Tech Consulting virtual internship. Ashish said that “getting a brand name like Deloitte on my resume was a great thing.” It helped him get past the initial resume screening process many companies do as big corporations have name recognition and respectable branding. Also, from doing the virtual internships, “Employers see that since you’ve done this experience, you obviously have some skills which they can use.”

He claimed that having these three names on his resume helped him to secure his internship due to their name recognition. Ashish noted how, “I completed my Deloitte internship in June and fortunately, in July, I got my first interview after a long period of time.” The Forage experience turned around his luck with the traditional recruiting system. 

“I got to know about the activities that I could be doing as a Technology Consultant”

“Forage helped me gain new perspectives to help me build my skills in the Consulting domain.” Through the experiences he had with Forage, Ashish gained a plethora of skills. For instance, he notes, “I learned how to build business cases, how to do market analysis, how to do market research, and how to make client presentations.”

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On top of the skills he got the opportunity to work on, the virtual experiences opened his eyes to how the professional world functions. “During studies, you only see things in one way but in the actual world when you interact with the clients and deal with their problems, a lot of things change.” The practical experience changed his perspective on how the technology consulting field functions. 

“Don’t get stuck in your field, try to explore new things”

Ashish emphasizes the importance of students keeping an open mind while trying to find their career path. However, he says, “if you want to go in a direction, you should actually explore that, how that career looks, and what you are going to do.” He claims that you should “test drive” your career to make sure it’s the right fit for you. If it’s not, then be open to exploring alternative pathways. 

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