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Brigitty Mejia: Honing in on her Passion

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“Data and Technology is the base for everything”

Since her graduation in 2020, Brigitty noted how she has been “working and learning more about my career path.” With a passion for data and technology, she says, “my dream career is one where I get to work with it and use my creativity.” Brigitty’s passion for data and technology shines through as she was eager to continue learning and growing in her field right after her graduation.

Throughout her time at Baruch, Brigitty had partaken in opportunities in different fields to see what she would enjoy pursuing. She has been a Global Data Summit Participant, a Database Management Intern with Kassin Sabbath Realty, Computer Lab Assistant at her college, and a Creative Designer and Assistant Manager with M&J Trimming. For the past two years, she has been gaining experience by working as a Business Analyst Support with New York City Transit while also currently being a Basta Fellow with projectBASTA. These opportunities combined with the Forage experience, have helped guide Brigitty towards her career. 

“After I graduated, I was looking for something where I could get a real taste of what it’s like working with data and big companies”

While trying to gain experience, Brigitty found Forage and completed three programs to advance her career: the JPMorgan Chase Software Engineering Virtual Experience, the KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship, and the GE Explorer- Digital Technology Data Analytics Program. She enjoyed how the programs challenged her, “I liked running into my own issues and doing my own research to figure it out.” She found them easy to schedule around her other obligations too due to the self-paced nature of the programs.

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“Forage amplified my knowledge with the career I am going into”

Forage introduced her to new skills while re-establishing her base knowledge in others. “By amplifying my knowledge, Forage boosted my confidence in the choices I made at school and the career path I am going down.” She got to work with Excel and Tableau which strengthened her skill set and set her up for success and made her feel more comfortable with the type of work she is doing.

Experience is Key 

Brigitty recommended that students “run fast to do anything they want to do.” Career experience is everything and figuring out what you want to do before leaving college will give you an edge. She says to “experience anything you want to experience before graduating to figure out what you enjoy” as passion is key for a successful career. 

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