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Christie Lau: Narrowing Down Her Business Passions

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Fueling her Passion 

Christie’s goal for her career is to find “a balance between making an impact and enjoying my work.” Through her schooling, she has been able to explore different sides of the business world through business club networks and cuts with professionals in various fields. Then, when everyone was working remotely due to the pandemic, she began “looking for some experience that could expand my knowledge and learn more about business and what I was interested in.”

Currently, a junior at Boston College studying Finance and Entrepreneurship, Christie has the practical experiences to back up her passion. For the past year, she has been an intern with TN Capital Advisors and a Digital Marketing Intern with Sistine Solar, Inc, and the Director of Business Development with Phoebe Jon. More recently, she started an internship with ReefKNoT Investments and volunteered with Consult Your Community’s National Team. All of these experiences in digital marketing, investment banking, and start-ups have contributed to the discovery of her interests and career paths within the business world. 

“Accenture definitely got me more interested in Consulting” 

Christie found what she was looking for through Forage as she completed the Accenture Discovery Program to broaden her experience. The type of companies available on Forage is what drew her into the experience. “I think Accenture is a really interesting company and a lot of the modules I did not have a lot of experience in and wanted to get a little glimpse into that.” Her virtual experience only strengthened her connection to the company. 

The interactive nature of the virtual experiences helped Christie understand the daily lives of the employees and narrow down her passions. “Through the Accenture Discovery Program, I learned a lot about what their employees do in a short, day-to-day snapshot, and how they assemble plans, prioritize their work, and set project priorities.” The learning opportunity led to her discovering her ideal career path.

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“Be open to as many things as possible”

Christie advises fellow students to find the balance between knowing their career goals and being open.

“It’s good to have a mindset of what you want to do but I think also having an open mind and exploring other opportunities that you did not plan on is helpful.” Being open to new experiences will allow you to professionally grow in ways you may not have expected. 

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