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Cliff Asiedua: Reinforcing His Love for Helping People

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Cliff discovered an interest in Human Resources when working at Primark before university – he was really impressed with how the HR coordinators organized the team, ran the store, and fostered a positive experience for all staff.

He loved to help people and felt HR was a career that he could excel at – so he decided to undertake a degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Northampton. 

To get some more practical experience, Cliff was looking forward to completing an internship over the summer of 2020. However… as is the familiar story of COVID…unfortunately, these opportunities were canceled, leaving Cliff feeling slightly panicked about what he could do instead.

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Cliff was thrilled by the opportunity to complete the General Electric HR program on Forage. For Cliff, the program provided him with the insight he needed into the HR industry. In replicating real work, the tasks confirmed that he was pursuing the right career and imparted useful skills for the workplace

“One of the tasks was to help someone who was struggling with their confidence. As someone who loves to help people, this program reinforced my love for HR.”

Through his participation in the program – Cliff was invited to attend a networking event with Imola Richards – Global Program Manager of HR Leadership Programs at GE – where he had the unique and invaluable opportunity to ask questions about the program and learn more about the HR field. 

He loved that the program could be done from anywhere in his own time, and has gone on to explore other programs to see what else he can learn. Cliff has enjoyed the significant positive impact that the program has provided him, allowing him to build professional connections within GE, and to confirm his career trajectory while also upskilling.

Awesome work Cliff – both Forage and GE look forward to seeing where your journey takes you!

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By: Annabel Gurney – 2021-03-02