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Elena Panone: Trying HR as a Law Student

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Elena is vibrant, energetic, and eager to learn. She loves her course studying law at the La Sapienza University in Rome and has wanted to be a lawyer since she was a child.

Elena feels certain she is on the right career track and has made the most of her opportunities on campus, participating in Model UN events, learning from some of the best law professors in Italy, and exploring how she can continue to grow professionally and personally.

So… when lockdown hit, Elena was determined to not let her career lockdown as well.

She saw an opportunity in the new amount of time in her day and the technology available to facilitate new experiences. In her opinion, it was incredible how she could now reach every corner of the globe from her living room.

She first learned about Forage from her twin brother (who learned about Forage from his university in Milan) and thought this was the perfect way to challenge herself with a new experience. She searched through the programs available and found the General Electric HR program – she wanted to take this program to expand her horizons and learn something outside of her daily law routine.

For Elena, the impact of the program was significant – not only did the tasks teach her how to be a leader in her professional life but also how leadership qualities can apply day-to-day in her personal life. The program was eye-opening in how applicable and relevant it was to her present self, as well as her future self.

She found the program challenged her mindset around what a career in a commercial firm might look like – she had always thought she would work in the public sector (maybe as a Judge), and hadn’t considered or explored the corporate sector. In completing the program, she now feels confident that she has the skills and capability to work in this space and to pursue opportunities within other commercial divisions.

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As a final message to other students out there during this challenging time of COVID-19 – Elena encourages everyone to make the most of the situation and to not let lock-down let you down.

“We have much more time, we have the opportunity, and we have the tools to challenge ourselves to prepare for our future. Acting now is the best thing you can do, and enrolling in Forage programs is a way to do it.”

By: Annabel Gurney