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Elizabeth Bodmer: Path to RPC

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“I would really like to be at the top of my field, to interact with people on a daily basis and be able to make some big decisions and an impact.”

As a people-oriented person, Elizabeth aspires to have a career where she’s interacting with new people and solving problems every day. Previously studying a language-based program as an undergraduate, she really liked how complex and detailed focused law is. I did a language-based undergraduate program and I really loved how picking up on one tiny thing can change your perspective.” Elizabeth was looking for a way to gain experience in what working in a commercial law firm might look like for her. 

 “The virtual experience program played an important part in my interview. I talked about how it helped me understand what my role would be within the firm and also gave me more of an insight into the firm itself, it’s already helped me on my professional journey.”

Finding out about Forage through social media, Elizabeth was excited when she realized that there were so many big companies and names that she recognized on that platform which she said “reassured me as a newcomer to the platform”. She decided to take on the RPC’s virtual experience program after attending RPC’s insight day where she had learnt more about their culture. The virtual experience program really enabled her to take that next step in exploring whether the work and the firm aligned with her interests and where she wanted to grow her legal career. 

She recalls how “the virtual experience was about the work itself… I wanted to be able to see if I could actually do the work and enjoy it. That was a big motivator for me.”

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“I didn’t have a lot of legal experience and it was a nice stepping stone to gain more confidence and a bit more exposure to what law was actually like. 

A lot of the tasks Elizabeth completed changed her perspective on what law is, “I recorded a voicemail, I did a research project, and looked through a draft contract to find points of negotiation so the variety was great and there were things in it that I didn’t know related to RPC’s work .” Completing the daily tasks of a lawyer made her realize that a legal career encompasses many more things than what she was learning in school. 

Advice from a Future RPC Trainee Solicitor

Elizabeth urges others to follow their instincts when it comes to deciding where they want to start their legal career. She recommends to not “feel pushed into doing something you don’t want to do. I think getting experience and doing the Forage programs is a really great way to begin to understand what you are looking for from your career.” 

Elizabeth recommends doing the Forage virtual experience programs ahead of any application process, so you can gain a real and accessible insight into what your career at an international law firm would look like, and most importantly, so you can feel confident that it is a firm that can support your career and help you thrive!

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