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Hana Rahman: On the Look Out for Industry Insight

As a curious learner who was passionate about Mathematics and Physics – Hana Rahman loved her degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is fascinated by how the world works and is excited by a never-ending amount of things to learn and explore. 

Originally from Bangladesh, she moved to the UK for her University experience, and warmly welcomed the diverse mindsets of her peers from all over the world. Her time on campus was a period of personal growth, exploration, and excitement as she made valuable connections and figured out her next steps. 

Choosing her dream career path hasn’t been a straightforward decision… 

While a job in Mechanical Engineering remained a strong contender for a future career – Hana wanted to explore other industries that might pique her interest. She considered banking or consulting… or even different roles in sales and marketing within the engineering industry. 

Adding to the challenge was being an international student. With many firms not accepting overseas students for internships (or graduate jobs), she wasn’t able to gain the level of experiential career discovery that was open to many of her peers. To overcome this – Hana would speak to her friends, attend company networking events to learn from speakers, and search LinkedIn to see what was out there. 

Seems like a lot of effort just to get an insight into what a job is like, doesn’t it? 

Enter Forage and BCG – a way for Hana to explore her career path without any barriers

Hana found out about BCG’s Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program on Forage after researching online experience courses. She was blown away by the selection of programs and the different industries that were offered. 

Considering the analytical and strategic nature of her degree, and her curiosity for learning – she felt consulting could be an interesting career option. She knew BCG was an industry leader in this space and was excited to complete the Virtual Experience Program to learn more about the work. 

Hana built valuable skills and gained unique insight into the consulting industry

Hana loved the experience – for her, the best aspect of the program was being able to do the work and compare her response to a BCG model answer. She felt she was receiving feedback as she would in an actual internship, and that she could consistently improve how she approached the problem. This allowed her to deepen her understanding of the work and gain valuable skills throughout the process. 

The program only bolstered her interest in consulting – she saw firsthand the diverse and interesting work that consultants at BCG undertake. She felt more confident and better prepared for upcoming applications, where she could provide detailed and tangible answers as to why she wanted to be a consultant after having done the work in practice. 

Most importantly – she was able to get a glimpse into what it is like to work at BCG without any barriers. She had insight into an industry that she wouldn’t have been able to gain otherwise, with the added bonus of being able to add the program as an extra-curricular to her CV. 

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“It made my interest in consulting stronger – because when you are exploring career options, you are never 100% sure about any of the jobs. You hear through other people’s experience, or you are reading the job descriptions, but you aren’t really experiencing it practically. So, it’s quite difficult to compare word of mouth instead of doing the tasks on your own. So the experience made me feel more confident about consulting. I’m hoping that if I do go into consulting the work would keep my interest the way the experience did.” 

Hana appreciates how the experience allowed her to continue learning 

Hana reflects that she felt her learning and growth was stalling after she left university and was applying for jobs. She appreciates the partnership with Forage and BCG to have provided her with a platform to continue her professional development from industry experts. 

Her parting words for future students are – “Forage provides a great opportunity to use your time well, it’s a great way to see how companies work and to improve your skills along the way.” 

Awesome work completing the program, Hana! We are excited to see where your career takes you!

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By Annabel Gurney – 2021-06-08