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Jack Jobes: Discovering What it’s like to Work for a Giant Tech

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Jack’s dream is to work as a Software Engineer for one of the major technology companies.“I fell in love with coding after taking AP Computer Science in high school, since then I decided to run with it.” As he is extremely passionate about technology, he was in search of something in the field to spend his time on when the coronavirus lockdown occurred. 

As a sophomore in college, he is just beginning his career journey. He was invited to complete JPMorgan’s coding challenge and recently interviewed with Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, three technology companies he has dreamed of working for. For the past several months, Jack has been a developer for Code for Change where he gets to pursue his passion for coding. Currently, he has successfully secured a position as an incoming Software Development Engineer intern with Amazon.

“It seems like it is definitely working to help get my foot in the door at a company”

During quarantine, Jack first took Forage’s JPMorgan Chase Software Engineering Virtual Experience; then, a few months later, took the Microsoft Software Engineering Virtual Experience. He got to gain more experience with coding and his technology passion in general, “I love the freedom of tech as there are no set guidelines on how to fix a problem, you just have to use your knowledge to come up with a solution.” 

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Jack’s favorite part of the programs was the ability he had to get insight into the companies and how they operate. For instance, with the JPMorgan experience, “I learned more of what is expected from a Software Engineer at their company, some of the languages they use, some of the techniques they use.” The entire time, he “was focused on learning about the company and how they work” as it was helpful to figure out if he would fit in with the company. 

Jack recommends other students to take the programs with Forage. “If you have time, might as well do the programs, it will only help.”

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