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Jerry Lee: Pursuing his Dream Job in Trading

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“My dream is to become a trader one day.”

During Jerry’s undergraduate studies in economics, he discovered a growing interest in financial assets. He explained, “when I first approached economics, I knew more about the macro and micro things about the economy. Then, I found out that I am more interested in financial assets so I decided to get a master’s degree in finance”. After starting his masters, an internship in portfolio management let him explore his career interests further.

“I found myself liking short term durations so I figured that trading would be the right fit for me”

After figuring out his particular interest in markets and trading, Jerry ran into a problem. In order for him to truly know if trading was the right career fit for him, Jerry needed to get practical work experience. However, he didn’t live in a major financial hub. The closest financial hub to Taiwan, his home, was Hong Kong, but how was he going to get there? Although the pandemic hurt his job search due to the decrease in opportunities, in a strange way, it also ended up helping him. The pandemic facilitated a “new normal” in the world of corporations by expanding virtual opportunities regardless of location. 

The transition to virtual work allowed Jerry to gain experience in markets and trading from home.

Jerry was recommended by a friend to try a virtual experience program with Forage. He immediately decided to complete the Citi Markets (Sales and Trading) virtual experience program. His motivation lied in his desire to gain more experience to become a trader.  “I want to be a trader and to gain more practical experience. The Citi Markets virtual program really gave me a lot of opportunities to learn more about the function and character of the trading floor.”

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“I just wanted to learn more about Citi and their culture”

Jerry appreciated the ability to explore his passions through the experience and gain more insight into the culture of the company. “I found the Citi virtual internship really clear, clean, and straightforward”. This appealed to him as it gave him the chance to “learn about Citi’s culture, Citi’s function on the trading floor, and technical skills”.  

He was impressed by what he saw of Citi’s trading department culture while taking the program which encouraged him to apply. One of the major selling points that stuck out to him was the “videos that showed me their culture and attracted me, because they have a lot of volunteer activities”. He mentioned another appealing factor he witnessed through Citi’s program: “I could see a lot of the great teamwork in Citi especially in the trading division”. Citi’s collaborative and performance oriented nature was something that Jerry knew he wanted to be a part of.

The program confirmed Jerry’s interest in trading, and Citi’s culture sealed the deal. 

Jerry took the leap and applied to Citi’s Markets Summer Analyst program in Hong Kong. The in-depth knowledge and insights Jerry gained from completing their program helped prepare him for the application process and interviews. In a way, it was Citi’s way of better teaching him exactly what he needed to know to pass their application process. He was ecstatic to find out that Citi extended him his dream internship offer to work in their Hong Kong Markets Division. 

Jerry’s advice for students

For students like Jerry, who hope to get their dream job, he recommends utilizing virtual experiences like Forage and talking to superiors to progress in your career. He said, completing an experience, like the one he did with Citi, will “get you a lot of practical experience” which is crucial to finding your career fit and standing out as a candidate. 

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