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John Boyar: The Road to Consulting

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Starting Career Discovery Early On

As an underclassman in college, it can be difficult to get career experience to help you figure out the correct career path for you. John recognized this problem and was determined to gain the experience he needed. “Getting more hands-on type of experience with the stuff I have learned in classes [is important] because I feel like, especially as a freshman or sophomore, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to do that at this stage.”

John is working on narrowing down his dream career but as of now, he is considering being “an investigator for some Federal Agency”, a career in Forensic Accounting, or Consulting. This academic year, John is working as a Resident Mentor with the University of South Carolina’s Housing after working as a Community Assistant with them last year. More in line with his career goals, he “recently joined the Darla Moore School of Business Student Alumni Board to help plan creative ways for business students and alumni to interact with one another.”

On top of these experiences, he also is a Student Groups Leader with Midtown Fellowship and was a Student Mentor at Marshall Primary School. 

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“It’s a good thing to explore your interest without having to leave your home”

John found Forage while searching on Linkedin and soon after finding it, he completed the Accenture Discovery Program. He notes the program allowed him the “opportunity to explore something I’m interested in” and to gain skills from the safety of his own home. “Problem-solving was one of the big skills I learned because you have to pick out what it is they are wanting you to do.” Another skill he obtained through completing the tasks in the virtual experience was “strategic thinking, being able to figure out what vision someone is going for.”

Before Forage, John “didn’t know what Consulting entailed” as it is difficult to get insight into the day-to-day ongoings of a company. Once he could experience Consulting firsthand through Forage’s virtual experience, he discovered that he was passionate about it. “Aside from fraud investigation, I am considering Consulting now as a career because of the program just because I enjoyed it.” After having such a good experience, he “plans on completing the Latham and Watkins White Collar Defense & Investigations virtual experience program to gain more insight into the field of criminal investigation.”

Advice to Fellow Underclassman 

John advises others who are just starting in their college experience and their professional lives, “don’t be afraid to explore what you’re interested in.” By doing so, you may find a new potential career path such as John did. He reiterates that “you don’t want to go into a career you are not interested in”; therefore, it is important to ensure early on that you are passionate about something before pursuing it as a career. 

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