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Liam Cronan: Exploring the Non-Traditional Legal Path

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Rather than a traditional litigation path, Liam’s dream is pursuing a career that will combine litigation and transactional law. His path towards commercial law was a long one as he went into school on a different path than where he ended up. He says he was “starting with an interest in business, taking a detour into history then ending up combining them into what now is my interest in commercial law.” Merging his interests led him to apply to law school where his career advisor recommended him to “get some tangible skills before you enter law school.”

Before law school, Liam graduated from Tufts University with an undergraduate degree in History and Economics. He also has participated in a variety of work opportunities during his educational journey including a Financial Advising Intern with Single Point Partners, a Market Research Intern with Knudge, a Museum Specialist/ Historical Interpreter at Plimoth Plantation, and a Student Researcher at Tufts University. This combination of opportunities has resulted in his success with getting into law school. 

“Once I looked into it, it seemed too good to be true, there are all these programs to choose from, you get to decide based on what your interests are”

After being recommended to look into Forage by his career advisor, Liam “ended up doing 6 of the law experiences over 6 weeks”, with the most notable being King & Wood Mallesons’ Virtual ExperienceWhite & Case’s Virtual ExperienceBaker & McKenzie Virtual ExperienceLatham & Watkins Virtual Experience, and Linklaters Virtual Experience. Liam took interest in Forage as, “many of the programs were geared towards that transactional side of law and it seemed like it aligned with a lot of things I was interested in more than other opportunities were.”

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Through the experiences, he gained, “ exposure to those certain buzz words that have come up in classes” and “felt like I wasn’t as lost as I would have been since I knew what they meant and I had some experience already.”  The programs allowed him to explore his specific section of the law which was helpful for him as he notes how a lot of law school focuses more on the litigation side of things. 

Out of the six programs Liam took, “two others that I did that had more of an international law focus.” He thought this would be useful in the long run “since I’ve been in one city with undergrad and law school.” Getting the opportunity to see how law functions in other regions of the United States and other nations broadened his legal knowledge.

Advice: Branching Out

Liam recommends other students take advantage of the Forage legal programs. He stresses that these programs are useful “for anyone this summer who didn’t have the opportunity to work with a law firm or just lives somewhere geographically where they can’t afford to move or commute to get that experience.” More specifically, he found his personal experience taking international law helpful and urged others into “taking at least one that is not necessarily in the field they are directly looking in, as it is worth it.” 

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