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Lili Price: Keeping Cognitively Active During Lockdown

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During the height of Coronavirus in 2020, Lili “decided to be active during the first lockdown.” She notes how “I wanted to do something that could keep my brain active. I graduated last November, so I had no work to do since university here doesn’t start until September. I really didn’t want to fall behind mentally.”

Interested in becoming a commercial solicitor, Lili took on her dreams and interned with King & Wood Mallesons in the Dispute Resolution team, where she notes how she “liked how dynamic and intense the work was. It’s a lot of pressure, which I like.” After working for them, she took their virtual experience with Forage and she “liked how [she] could draw parallels between the two experiences.” More recently, she has landed an internship at The Keith & Even Group.

“I learned how organized a law firm is and how they operate in terms of structure and task delegation.”

As a student who likes to keep herself busy, Lili took part in a few virtual experience programs: White & CaseKing & Wood Mallesons, and Baker McKenzie. She says how she liked being able to “experience the work that junior lawyers do.” It gave her a first-hand look into the field that she dreams of going into.

Throughout her experience with the three programs, she comments, “I learned a lot in terms of research and reading cases as well as compiling things more concisely. A lot of the tasks would include doing a presentation, writing, or organising information.”

These skills and experiences gave her something to put on her applications when applying for internships. Lili said she believes that including her Forage experiences in her applications “made me more competitive.” She continues to work on her professional goals as she is currently working on the Hogan Lovells virtual experience program.

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“Don’t push yourself to do anything that would unnecessarily stress you out.”

Lili recommends the Forage virtual experience programs to her fellow students but advises “taking it all at your own pace. Ensure you’re enjoying yourself and ask whether you can see yourself doing this type of work in the future”. Burnout is a big issue in today’s constantly moving world, and it is important to spread out the tasks so it can be avoided. 

More generally, she advises those in university to “join clubs and participate” while also “pursuing a degree you actually want to do.” By following through with things you are passionate about, you will find a career that is best for you.

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