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Lucas Ryan: Business and Tech Opportunity with JPMorgan

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While studying for his Masters, Lucas noticed the education gap, “what they teach you in class is not actually what you are going to be doing so I wanted to keep up on some of those skills and learn some new skills.” Thus, leading him to search out different professional development options. 

Lucas dreams of working a career in technology and running a local think tank. He is passionate about technology as, “it is always changing, and it is always a challenge to stay on top, so the competitive side is what I like about it.”  His passion for the industry is evident through all of the work experiences he has had during his education journey, including internships with the Miami Dolphins, UBS, and Ultimate Software as well as working full-time with Hoverfly Technologies as a Software Developer before his Masters. All of his amazing opportunities have provided him the grounding for securing a position with JPMorgan. (Learn more about working at JPMorgan.)

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With the JPMorgan experience, Lucas learned things “more on the research side, how to analyze companies and see how they function and more of the business skills.” He found it “interesting to see some of the tools they offer developers.” In the entrepreneurial realm, he learned more about how to approach building a business. 

“Get out there and try different things”

Lucas’s advice for fellow students in the tech industry is “definitely take more math and take courses that are not related to your field of study, that way you can see what other people do.” This will help you see what career opportunities are out there and understand why all jobs are necessary for a business. Also, he stresses the importance of “learning more about data science and AI since that is the future of the tech industry.” 

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