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Margarita Psaras: Taking an Early Start to Career Development

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“As a first-year student who was introduced to a myriad of options and just wanted to be involved in everything, it was being curious about trying new things that drew me to Forage.”

Beginning early on in her post-high school educational career, Margarita was looking for new opportunities in the field she wanted to go into, actuarial science. “The many possibilities that exist” with a degree in this field makes her excited to pursue a career in it as it allows her the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills. 

Presently, Margarita is a third-year student at the University of New South Wales who is working to earn her Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science. Through her schooling, she has had the opportunity to be an Actuarial Intern with Finity Consulting and an External Relations Student Director with the Australian Business Students’ Association. Since February, she has been working with Suncorp Group as an Actuarial Intern.

Broadening her Horizons

Margarita’s University events introduced her to Forage where she took advantage of the virtual work experiences: KPMG Data Analyst Consulting Virtual InternshipNew South Wales Government Virtual Experience, and Quantium Data Analyst Virtual Learning Experience. After taking them, she said, “I did learn quite a bit and it made me more curious about what I can do with my degree and what skill sets I can learn.” These programs were the perfect opportunity for her to broaden her professional horizons.

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“I saw the benefits of Forage through my upskilling and it helped with applications as it showed I was taking initiative to enhance my learning” 

Margarita learned skills both specific to her career path and more widely applicable. Generally, she learned written communication skills through the NSW government internship. She explains that during the experience, “you had to write a lot of engagement letters and recommendations so my written communication was tested.”

More specific to actuarial science, Margarita noticed “when I did the KPMG internship, there were these datasets that needed heavy manipulation and I learned quite a few fundamentals in data cleaning.” Even more beneficial, in her experience with Quantium, she learned, “a lot of R programming with statistical software which like Excel, is the bread and butter for Actuaries’ analytical processes, so that was very useful.” 

“Don’t be afraid to try new things” 

As a student who took advantage of opportunities early on, Margarita encourages other students to do the same. “Take any opportunity you can because you never know where it can lead you, but you’ll also never know if you’ll get another opportunity like that.” If you are interested in an area of study then you should try out any opportunity within it that you can. 

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