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Michael Watkins: Path to BCG

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Finding Management Consulting

After talking with many people in the industry, Michael found his passion in management consulting as it “offers the ability to work on impactful and exciting projects” while being intellectually challenging. With complex case studies being thrown at consultants during interviews, he says “really being able to flex your problem-solving muscles in these case interviews is key to getting the job so I did a lot of different case preparations.” 

Michael says how “solving problems is always something I have been super interested in and consulting is all about solving problems for businesses. You get to help amazing companies, mostly Fortune 500s and private equity firms, and you get to work with amazing people.” Through his experiences working with an e-commerce focused private equity company and ModelMaster, an e-learning startup, his love for the field was solidified as he went to pursue a summer associate position with BCG this summer.

“The program felt a lot more like the actual internship and the responsibilities I had this summer.”

With coronavirus halting the world, Michael was on the search for “the opportunity to get something on my resume… Something to signal that I was interested in BCG while being able to learn some skills.” His career counselor introduced him to Forage and the BCG Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program

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Michael recounts how the skills he learned from the virtual experience program were then mirrored in the actual position at BCG: “I really enjoyed the BCG consulting virtual experience with Forage… I thought it was realistic to what the actual job entails at least this past summer where I was given a problem, trying to solve it, you’re doing emails, putting together slides and presentations and I think that was super valuable.”

Learning directly from BCG gave Michael a direct look into the company, giving him a recognizable and respected company on his resume. As Michael had already completed his internship at the time of the interview, he recounted how the skills he learned with Forage prepared him for the exact tasks he performed on the job, “I remember one of the tasks [in the virtual experience program] was after you complete some analysis, structure an email to your boss with what you learned and I must have done that 50 times this summer during my internship so that one was very applicable.” 

Advice to Future Consultants: “The biggest thing is to talk to people”

Reflecting back on his path to where he is now, Michael comments on how important it is to “find people through either your alumni or close friends and family that are in consulting and talk to them about what it’s really like.” He also suggested students to work on getting both relevant and a plethora of experiences to help them along in the interview process with consulting firms.

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