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Ndirangu Cyrus Gichuki: Finding Better Placement

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Undergraduate Class: 2022

Area of Study: Computer Science

University: St. Paul’s University

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

On the Mentorship Program 

“The mentorship program really helped me understand, narrow down, and sculpt my career into somewhere I can be better placed, and have a greater impact in the world today.”

“After finishing all my virtual internships with Forage, it really helped me go a step ahead in my envisioned career so when the opportunity for mentorship came up, they said they would equip us with people in the field so I chose the Product Management Field, which is where I would ideally want to be in the future. Mitchell was able to coach me, give me some resources, and even helped me draft up a contract that I was able to forward to the company, where we are currently pioneering Kenya’s first digital restaurant loyalty points system..”

On Passion for Problem Solving and Consulting 

Ndirangu emphasized how wants to explore the Corporate World while also making his own corporation as he has already started off his own Consulting Practice in Software Engineering and Internet Of Things.

Pulled between business and technology, he noticed that he felt better suited for a business role which led him to apply for a summer analyst position in Goldman Sachs, where he can showcase his coding skills. He notes that “a Product Manager is really close to what I want ideally because I get to work with the clients and I get to work with the Software Engineers then we get to how to bridge the business gap with technology.”

On Troubles with Internship Finding 

During the recruitment process, Ndirangu realized he should pursue a career down a different path. He says, “I have been applying for opportunities in Software Engineering; however, I realized I’d be better placed in a business perspective. I am extroverted and I feel like if I get the opportunity to talk to clients, I would be better placed in assisting companies. I would say my priorities were in the wrong direction which is why I never got an opportunity in this area.” With this turnaround, he is currently working as a Product Research Intern at Ayazona and just completed his first week.

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