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Niamh Leong: From Biochemistry to Law

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Undergraduate Class: 2022

Areas of Study: Biochemistry

College: University of Birmingham

Location: Wirral, England 

On the Mentorship Process 

Niamh was introduced to Forage while completing a few programs over COVID-19 lockdown; then, went on to complete more programs as she became a paid user tester for the company. During this time, she notes how “I just found the people at Forage really nice and easy to talk to so as soon as I saw the mentor program, I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved.” 

As her studies focus in the Biochemistry area, she was looking for an opportunity to branch her network into the legal field as she says “It was a great opportunity to help me in my legal journey seeing that i don’t have many lawyers in my family.”

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On Transferring from a Non-Law Area of Study 

Niamh is working towards going into the legal field with her eyes set on doing a law conversion course then either becoming a solicitor or barrister. However, the change is not without struggle as she has to wait on the application process.

“I applied to some companies but as I am only second year and non-law and for a lot of non-law students the application process is in third year so I treated it as a practice run. I got a few interviews but I didn’t actually get any placements.” Niamh is working hard to make herself stand out in the field as she comments on the difficulties of getting the work experience to make herself marketable.

On Gaining Legal Connections 

“Being non-law and not knowing any lawyers, I thought the mentorship program would help me with writing my applications, the interview process, and getting some more legal terminology and knowledge, and just trying to increase my network.” Breaking into the legal field without being a legal student is difficult. Nevertheless, with both the Forage mentorship program and her internship with Bright Network, she proves ambitious enough to break into the field. 

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