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Nour Latrach: Discovering Path in Computer Science

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Master’s Class: 2022

Areas of Study: Computer Science

College: North Africa’s National School for Computer Science

Location: Tunisia

On the Mentorship Program 

Stumbling across Forage through a friend, Nour claims she believes “the programs on Forage are really beneficial” for students. After being introduced to the company through the programs, she found the mentorship program. 

Nour’s dream job is to be a data scientist so she is “trying to learn a lot about data analytics related to data science.” As she is unsure of the specific pathway she wants to continue in after receiving her Master’s degree, she applied for the Forage Mentorship programs to find some guidance for her career path. 

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On Finding her Place in Computer Science

As Nour has been unsure of the specific direction of her computer science career, she saw “the program was my chance to discover what my mission in Computer Science is and Bailey [Nour’s mentor] helped me a lot to discover my pathway in this.” Although she just began the program, she is already seeing success as she was connected with another employee who has more experience in the computer science field. Nour has been getting advice from an experienced mentor on what pathways she may want to take. 

On Recruitment Setbacks 

Nour has run across some issues with recruitment throughout her career experience so far. Recently, she has gotten into an accident, causing her to have to get surgery on her leg. Thus, she was unable to complete her  internship in her field, stunting her career advancement. The Forage mentorship program is one of the ways in which Nour is working towards fighting through her injury and pursuing her dream career.

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