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Rahamat Sadiq: Learner for Life

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Rahamat Sadiq is a learner for life – and that is why she was inspired to complete the General Electric HR virtual experience program. She is currently undertaking an HR Internship in Nigeria, and a friend of hers suggested she complete the program to build her experience. At first glance, she thought the program looked a bit overwhelming and wasn’t sure if she had time to proceed, however she noticed one of the tasks was focused on Compensation & Benefits – an area of interest that her current employer didn’t focus on. 

Rahamat saw this as the perfect opportunity to broaden her knowledge – “I don’t have broad knowledge” she explained, “just theoretical knowledge – the thing that wowed me was the freedom and choice to take the course in your own time”. She was able to gain insight into an aspect of the HR profession she couldn’t previously access – and is excited to apply for roles in this space in the future. 

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“Open your mind and learn in every way possible – with an open mind you can always adapt and improve upon old ways of working.” The virtual work program taught her that daily tasks in her role as an HR professional can have a significant impact beyond getting the job done. Her mindset shifted from task-based achievements to considering the implications of her work more broadly – “It really moved me to make sure you are conscious about what you are doing – it provided me with a bigger picture”. 

Rahamat strongly feels the experience has opened doors for her by expanding the ways she can give back to her community. She is pragmatic that change won’t happen without effort – in her opinion “there is no point just having this knowledge or getting a certificate, I have to put it into practice”. She wants to strive to look for better ways of working, and how to display the leadership qualities she learned through the experience.

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By Annabel Gurney