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Rohan Tiwari: Diving into the Business Industry

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“I just knew I wanted to get out of engineering and into the business industry”

After completing his undergraduate degree in engineering, Rohan decided to change paths towards the business industry and is pursuing an MBA. At this point in his studies, he was looking for an internship to redirect his career and recounted, “there was a time where I was looking for an internship and of course that was not an easy thing to do a couple of months back.”

When Rohan started off his work experience, he went directly into business-related fields. He has a lot of experience in the business world such as Consulting for SunBay Technologies, Alcon, and then the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. He also worked with a startup in which, “there was a steep learning curve.” Not knowing the future direction of his career, he says, “I have been jumping into unknown waters multiple times and I want to continue doing that in my future.”

The Learning Gap

Rohan found Forage and completed the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience. He was motivated by “trying to see what the workings of the company are like, and what they are looking for if I ended up taking an interview.” He wanted to feel prepared and “wanted to see how things are being done there and just get a feel of real-life experience on a project.”

Through his experience with the program, he saw the disconnect between education and the business field, “I found a lot of gaps that would be there once you graduate and once you join a firm.” Forage is made to bridge this learning gap which has been posing a big issue in the recruitment process.

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“Forage is a good way to get corporate experience before you actually join a firm”

Forage gave Rohan the opportunity to gain skills while strengthening his pre-existing ones. The one that stood out to him was “market research as it taught me exactly how you go about doing it on a large scale.” “I learned how to convey information and communicate it in a more efficient way.” These crucial skills give him an advantage over those who did not go the extra mile to learn them. 

Rohan’s Advice 

In this business world, he notes, “one thing I’ve actually seen working is jumping into whatever opportunity you get. It might not be what you’re actually looking for but in the end, if nothing else, it turns out to be a great story to use as a conversation starter with someone you want to work for.” Essentially, Rohan urges people to get all the experience they are able to as it could open their eyes to something new. 

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