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Shanela de Mel: Striving to Defend Human Rights

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Undergraduate Class: 2022

Areas of Study: Statistics and Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics

College: Australian National University 

Location: Sydney, Australia

On the Mentorship Program

“As a person with a physical disability, I have faced significant barriers to finding a job or work experience. I decided to join the Forage mentoring program so that I could have guidance in the career path that I want to go into, and gain insight into the job opportunities that I can pursue.” So far, Shanela has achieved great progression in her career through the mentorship program as she secured a position as a Customer Success Intern with Forage. 

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On Gaining Insight in Politics

Shanela de Mel is aiming high in her career as she is determined “to be a policy advisor at the Australian Human Rights Commission.” With such ambitious career goals, she says she “ hopes for this program to be able to map out a possible career path to get to my aspirations.” 

“I got into politics because I really am passionate about social justice, and in particular, in protecting and promoting human rights.” As someone with a lot of passion for her career path, she is doing all that she can to ensure her ambitions are being met.

On Overcoming Barriers 

Shanela notes that a big motivator for joining the program was due to being “a person with a physical disability”. In particular, she notes that the jobs and work experiences that are often open to high school and university students involve some degree of physical labor, which she is unable to do. 

In the past, she had applied for work experience in companies and been rejected, as they were uncomfortable in taking her on. Struggling with the unfair labor industry, Shanela formed her own path to success and worked hard to get herself an internship with Forage. 

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