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Suroshka Naidoo: From Unclear Expectations to the Path Towards Success

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“All I had was my degree”

By the end of the last year of her university for her undergraduate in, Suroshka “felt very overwhelmed as a student” not knowing what to expect after leaving law school. She said, “My university prepared me a lot in terms of theoretical experience but when I applied to jobs, they wanted students with much more experience than what I had”. With just her degree and limited experience, she needed something to make her stand out from the crowd of students graduating with the same degree as her. 

As Suroshka is from South Africa, she started her educational legal career at the University of Pretoria where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Law with Second Upper-Class Honors. Then, she began studying at the University of London to pursue her LLB through the University of London in hopes to move there to become a solicitor. She was inspired to pursue her LLB through the UK by the late Nelson Mandela who studied an LLB from the University of London and was motivated to study law from the influence of her late Granddad. Since August, Suroshka has landed a position at Amazon working in Customer Service. She is very grateful for this opportunity as, although it is not her dream job, it allowed her to get into one of her dream companies. She is also working part-time with Forage as an International Student Representative. 

“It was an exceptional experience for me as a student”

As an aspiring solicitor, Suroshka found Forage through LinkedIn while trying to make her resume stand out. She decided to complete a plethora of Forage’s programs such as Work Ready Virtual Experience Program with RateMyPlacement, Global Introduction to Law Virtual Experience with King & Wood Mallesons, Baker McKenzie’s Virtual Experience Programme, and Cyber Security Global Virtual Internship with Clifford Chance. 

She said how these opportunities had provided valuable experience and said: “Forage enabled me to explore a variety of different aspects of the law and I think that’s what had pushed me to pursue a career outside of my current country in South Africa”. Forage’s experiences showcase new career opportunities that most students have never heard of; thus, it gave Suroshka the push she needed to follow her dreams to pursue becoming a solicitor with a particular interest in technology and media law.

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“Forage prepared me to deal with different tasks that I would never have known how to do if it wasn’t for the experiences with the platform”

For Suroshka, it bridged the gap between law school and the professional world by allowing her to explore new career paths firsthand. “It taught me the demands of the ever-changing work environments”. As it also taught her practical skills, she remarked “Forage definitely added value to my CV and after that, the jobs started reeling in”. As it helped her secure her first job, she highly recommends all of the programs to other students. Forage work experience programmes have disrupted the process of recruiting and has helped Suroshka gain international recognition from top employers. Suroshka has also interviewed at the International Bar Association and has had legal job opportunities open up to her in Dubai as a result of the internships she completed with Forage.

Advice for the Overwhelmed 

The main takeaway Suroshka took from her experience is being better prepared for the future and says: “you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed after you just completed a degree as you are not supposed to have everything figured out right away after University”. Experience is learned and you can only elevate your career by learning new skills outside of your comfort zone. She encourages those who are in a similar situation as her to “go online and explore options as there are various useful resources available to you”. There are a plethora of programs available which will give you the experience you need to stand out. Most importantly, she emphasizes, “if you have a dream, commit to it fully and life will reward you back in terms of success”. The journey is equally important as the destination. 

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