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Tales Jacoski: Confirming a passion for consulting

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“Without Forage, I would try and watch YouTube videos of people describing what they do at work – but of course this isn’t as helpful as you aren’t actually doing the work in practice…”

Tales is a natural problem solver who thrives in an environment where he is constantly challenged and exposed to new experiences. He is currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida – he really likes the technical aspects of his studies and the foundational skills it provides, however, he is most excited about a future in business management and strategy.

When Tales first started at University – finding roles and positions that best suited him was a challenge

Tales was motivated to get industry experience and to explore his career options from Day 1 of university. To do this, his main approach was to connect with university societies and organizations, and to search for companies on LinkedIn and their corporate sites. He really enjoyed reading about each different organization and imagining himself as part of the team and the work that he would be doing. 

In his Freshmen and Sophomore years, Tales found it challenging to know where he could apply as an International Student from Brazil – so he often needed to narrow down where he could apply and gain experience based on VISA requirements. Once he had this figured out, he then had the added challenge of figuring out which role was best for him… 

Tales reflects that it was often unclear when doing his research what the actual role would involve. The descriptions were broad and varied – and it was hard to clearly understand the tasks or types of activities he would undertake on a day-to-day basis. It was only after his first in-person internship that he gained a bit more clarity as to what it was like to work in a company and what a career in professional services could look like. However, there is a limit on how many in-person experiences you can have – and he was looking for ways to get broader insight into different types of roles more immediately. 

BCG’s program provided Tales with accessible and on-demand industry insight – helping him build skills and experience the day in the life of a consultant. 

Tales came across BCG’s Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program from a post on LinkedIn. As he was interested in applying for a role at BCG, he saw the program as a perfect opportunity to learn more about the organization and the way they work. 

The program gave him a unique and tangible experience as to what life would be like as a consultant at BCG – bridging the gap between what he had learnt from reading about the industry to actually putting the work into practice. Tales took his time completing the program – really trying to imagine himself as a consultant who was delivering work for a client. He felt he developed a much stronger understanding of the methods and processes that BCG uses to approach problem-solving. This in-depth and detailed experience made it much easier to grasp what was expected than reading a job description or trying to find information online.

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He encourages his peers and future students to take advantage of these opportunities… 

Tales reflects upon the role of Forage and BCG in his learning journey that “[Virtual Experience Programs] are the best way for you to know that this is what I want to do in the future because you are trying things right away – and you can get that insight. I could see myself doing something similar in consulting at BCG – it felt like a real project. It made me decide that this area is really for me.”

Congratulations on completing the program Tales! We are excited to see where your career will take you. 

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By Annabel Gurney – 2021-06-08