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Theo Spencer: Path to a Racing Team

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Fascination Around Building Race Cars

Theo was drawn to engineering for the competitive nature of the field. He fell in love with the mechanics of cars, as he says, “there’s something so pure in seeing who has the fastest car. There’s a lot of thought and effort that goes into it so that’s what I find interesting.” 

Theo graduated with his masters in engineering while working with Delphi Technologies during his final year  as a development engineer. He worked for UH racing at the same time where he was able to put his skills to use. Since catching up with him, Theo has landed, moved countries, and started working as a design engineer with Toyota.

A Perfect Medium 

Started just as the world was starting to close up, Theo found Forage while completing his degree as he wanted to learn more about GE. Both of the programs he completed were in collaboration with General Electric: the Digital Technology Enterprise Program and the Digital Technology Data Analytics Program

When reflecting back on his time taking the Enterprise program, Theo says “it was a good way to draw what I did during my degree and apply it to real-world scenarios.” Bridging the gap between his education and the working world had a big impact on his skills. “Forage is a good halfway house between going out and getting an actual internship or work placement. You’re still getting that same experience, it is still the same tasks. You can do it on your own terms which is what I liked.”

He decided to continue on and take the data analytics program which he had no experience in and says how he ended up “learning a completely new set of skills that complement my existing skills quite well.” Theo saw firsthand the type of visualization that goes behind data analytics into these massive data sets.

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“Get yourself out there and get some experience.”

 Theo advised others how important experience is once you finish your degrees and transfer into the working world. He thinks “Forage is a great place to start.” Since it doesn’t cost anything and can be done at your own pace, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain so there is no reason not to “take the plunge.” 

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