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Thobelani Mkhize: Advancing Skills in Data Science

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“Without data, you have nothing. I like working with data because you can understand everything with it.”

With a passion for data science and determination to learn all that he can about it, Thobelani was looking for ways to advance his knowledge. During the pandemic, Thobelani said “I usually do the projects that are online… I want to make sure I am still using my skills while hunting for a job.” Keeping his mind active was a huge priority for him. 

As his dream is to become a well-developed data scientist, Thobelani has been working hard to get there. He graduated with a National Diploma in Information and Communication Technology from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2018. Since then, he received data science skills while working as a data science intern with Deviare at the same time. 

“Doing these programs taught me how to work online and not always be in an office.” 

After discovering Forage through his friend, Thobelani got to work and completed two programs:  KPMG’s Data Analytics Virtual Experience Program and [email protected] Virtual Experience Program

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“I do recommend it a lot because nowadays, you have to push yourself to do something. It is in your hands, all you need is the internet to do it.” 

A major learning point in Thobelani’s experience with Forage was working with Tableau. As a platform utilized in many companies, practicing and building his skills with it was something that helped boost his resume. The model answers provided by the big companies in the programs helped him grow as he was able to compare and improve his own work.

Teaching Yourself

Thobelani encourages others in his field to go out and learn on their own. He says “whenever you are doing data science, you don’t have to wait for someone to teach you. Teach yourself. The Forage program is here to let us teach ourselves, for us to get more hands-on knowledge.” Keeping your mind focused and sharp is important when on the job hunt. 

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