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Tonderai Mudenge: Studying Law to Empower Change

“I want to be a Politician, but I wanted to start with law because I wanted to know the systems that govern the people before I lead the people… I wanted to know what needs to be fixed before I offer to fix problems.” Tonderai has a lot of ambition, he “believes there are a lot of things that need to be changed” and is determined to be that change. 

On his way to achieving his dream career as a politician, Tonderai has been working through different opportunities.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from the University of KwaZulu Natal where he is currently working towards a law degree. For over a year, he has been the Vice President of the International Students Board and participated in the Black Lawyers Association. Tonderai has also spent time volunteering with SE Kanyoka Attorneys.  

“In school, there is a lot of theory, it is less practical, so with Forage, they allow us to engage with what we learn, so we are applying what we know to cases”

Forage was suggested to Tonderai by Linklaters as he was told it would be helpful for his applications. From there, he says, “I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in all of the programs.” After taking the Linklaters Introduction to Law Virtual Experience Programme, he completed 6 others including Leo Cussen Human Rights Law Virtual InternshipKing & Wood Mallesons Virtual Experience Program, and Baker Mckenzie Virtual Experience Program

Tonderai “learned more than I did in my classes” through the time he put into Forage. He enjoyed how the cases presented in the experiences felt like he was completing actual court cases. These cases and “Forage allows you to get practical knowledge, while you are still at school. You don’t need to be at school to learn something new.”

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As another form of learning, Forage helped Tonderai learn different aspects of the law than school did.  He recounts, “I learned the corporate side of it, in LLB we focus more on public law, so from Forage, I was able to learn more of the private side of the law which was just amazing because it is challenging and something different and I loved it.” Between law school and Forage, there is a more comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to have a more complete understanding of the law. 

“I really would advise students to sign up for Forage”

He is encouraging all students to, “get the free education that is really applicable in their future.” Forage has provided Tonderai the opportunity to complete virtual experiences at his convenience and says, “I want people to enjoy the convenience of being able to do a virtual experience, wherever and for free.” It helped him with confidence in his career journey as he got to compare his answers to the model answer and he “wants as many people to benefit as I did, particularly the confidence part of it.”

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