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Xinyi Tan: How Passion Leads to Landing a Dream Career

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“A dream career in Technology Consulting”

When discussing her future, Xinyi noted how she landed her dream job directly out of university. “It is exciting how technology is ever-evolving, and that there will always be innovations to keep up with”. Xinyi’s passion for technology and business led her to cultivate and refine her skills through Forage

While completing her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems, Xinyi was able to gain experience at different companies through her internships. As an intern, she worked as a Product Management Fellow at Allvr, Application Specialist Intern with Resorts World Sentosa, Fashion Contributor for Mys Tyler, and Business and IT Management Graduate Intern from Dell EMC. One of her most influential opportunities was her position as a Business Analyst Intern for Accenture which, along with her diverse skill set and experience, enabled her to land her first full-time opportunity as a Business Technology Analyst with Accenture. 

Working on her own Time: Xinyi’s Experience with Forage 

Xinyi stumbled upon Forage and decided to complete the Accenture Virtual Experience Program to continue learning after her internship with them. She also completed the KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship, BCG Virtual Experience Program, and the Deloitte Technology Consulting Virtual Internship. Xinyi noted, “I really appreciated the case study format and various modules in each Virtual Internship”. This format helped her better understand and acquire different skill sets. It also allowed her to take the programs in between her classes, as they were bite-size modules.

Bridging the Gap  

Compared to schoolwork, Xinyi found “the programs more relatable and ‘hands-on’ to my internship and current position, because I can better understand how to approach a given task and its expectations”. The programs took her through the steps of planning, researching, then proposals while showing her the common challenges in the industry.

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Networking Advice 

Xinyi was grateful she “realised the value of networking from year 3 of her university education”. She stressed the benefits of networking and recommended that others start early as well, so as to gain helpful insights and perspectives on possible career paths. Alongside networking, she noted how Forage allowed her to “better navigate her potential career choices and also her connections on LinkedIn”.

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