McKayla Girardin


McKayla Girardin is an NYC-based writer with Forage. McKayla is experienced at transforming complex concepts into easily digestible articles to help anyone better understand the world we live in. McKayla is passionate about writing high-quality content that matters and helping others find fulfillment in their careers.

McKayla received her B.A. in Political Science and Russian from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine - her hometown. Outside of her professional writing, she loves writing poetry and short fiction and often spends too much time in used bookstores. McKayla also is a voracious reader and a collector of antique books and vinyl.

Favorite Career Advice

Your starting point is not your ending point. Be open to new opportunities to learn and grow.

Experience Highlights

  • 2+ years of experience writing in the finance and business space.

Latest Articles

What Is Accounting?

Accounting is organizing and summarizing financial data for a business. Working in accounting involves a variety of tasks, including analyzing financial data and auditing a company’s finances. While accounting may seem like a career that exclusively deals in adding and subtracting, there are actually many different areas of accounting in a multitude of industries.  In …

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Woman making accounting calculations
What Is Common Stock?

Common stock is a type of tradeable asset, or security, that equates to ownership in a company. If you own common stock in a company, you have the right to vote on things like corporate policies and board of director decisions. Common stock is just one type of stock traded on public exchanges. In this …

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What Is Private Equity?

Private equity is an area of the finance industry that involves firms making investments in private companies, or companies that aren’t traded on the public stock market. The investment into private companies is referred to as private equity, and private equity firms are the companies that make these types of investments.  In this guide, we’ll …

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