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Best Coding Bootcamps Online for 2024

Coding Bootcamp Online

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With the seemingly endless number of options these days, it can be difficult to decide which is the best coding bootcamp online. We poured over dozens of programs to determine the top ten best online coding bootcamps based on cost, full-time and part-time options, weekly time commitment, skills they teach, scholarship opportunities, and amount of support both during the course and following completion. 

Top 10 Best Online Coding Bootcamps 

1. Altcademy – Best Overall 

  • Cost: $1,190 – $1,760 
  • Length of Program: 12 to 50 weeks 
  • Weekly Commitment: 5-10 hrs/wk (part-time) or 40 hrs/wk (full-time)

Altcademy offers three courses focused on coding: full-stack, front-end, and back-end web development. These programs are all designed for beginners and are entirely self-paced. The full-stack web development program teaches students the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and more. 

Altcademy’s programs cost $1,190, but students can add on career support and one-on-one mentorship for an additional $560. With this add-on, students benefit from technical interview question help, mock interview training, and resume reviews.

J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Software Engineering

Build the fundamental software engineering skills employers are looking for with this free job simulation from JPMorgan.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Financial data, Python, Git, basic programming, React, typescript, web applications, technical communication, financial analysis, contributing to the open source community

2. Udacity — Best for Variety of Course Offerings

  • Cost: $846 for four months
  • Length of Program: Four months+
  • Weekly Commitment: 10 hrs/wk

The least expensive option on our list, Udacity, offers courses ranging from introductory data engineering to full-stack development to free data visualization modules. Udacity’s programs can take anywhere from one day to up to four months to complete, but since they’re all self-paced, how quickly you complete a course is up to you and your schedule. The longer Udacity courses are “nanodegrees,” and many focus on coding and web development. 

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For beginners, Udacity offers an intro course for programming, which covers the basics of HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and SQL. However, students with some working knowledge of coding languages can opt for intermediate programs in full-stack, front-end, and back-end development. Additionally, students have access to a proprietary forum of questions and answers, personalized feedback, and support from technical mentors. 

Four-month courses cost $846, with a 15% discount for paying in full. However, students must complete the course within four months or risk paying more for additional months of access. 

Guide to Accenture Summer Internships

Accenture Know the Code

Learn advanced coding and software development skills from one of the top professional services companies in the world in this free job simulation from Accenture.

Avg. Time: 4 to 5 hours

Skills you’ll build: Object-oriented programming, Java, Spring, code refactoring, continuous integration, Jenkins, DevOps, agile methodology, software development lifecycle (SDLC)

3. Coding Dojo — Best for Amount of Skills Taught

  • Cost: $16,995
  • Length of Program: 16 to 34 weeks 
  • Weekly Commitment: 30 hrs/wk (part-time) or 70-90 hrs/wk (full-time)

Although it’s one of the more expensive options at $16,995 for tuition, Coding Dojo‘s software development bootcamp program teaches students significantly more skills than many of its competitors. Additionally, Coding Dojo offers a lot of support throughout the course, with a dedicated Discord server for students to connect with instructors and peers, teaching assistants available throughout the week to help, and direct feedback from instructors. Students who complete Coding Dojo’s course also gain access to resume development help, mock interview training, and a career services manager. 

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Datacom Software Development

Revew a web application and identify and fix bugs in this free job simulation from Datacom.

Avg. Time: 1 to 2 hours

Skills you’ll build: Written communication, software review, critical thinking, software development, root cause analysis, developer tools

4. CareerFoundry — Best for Job Guarantee

  • Cost:$8,500 (5% discount for paying upfront)
  • Length of Program: 5 to 10 months 
  • Weekly Commitment: 15-20 hrs/wk to finish in 10 months, 30-40 hrs/wk to finish in 5 months

CareerFoundry’s web development program features a job guarantee, wherein if a graduate doesn’t land a job in their new field within six months of completion, the company will refund their tuition in full.  However, not everyone is eligible for this program, and no one is required to opt-in. 

The web development bootcamp is primarily self-paced, making it a great option for those looking for a flexible course, but it  also has several deadlines throughout to keep students engaged and on track. Students enrolled in the  program will learn the fundamentals of software engineering, like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, in addition to emerging and highly-sought after skills like cloud platform computing and SQL.

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5. SheCodes — Best for Women

  • Cost: $99-$1,990
  • Length of Program: 1 week to 8 months
  • Weekly Commitment: 5-20 hrs/wk

SheCodes is a learn-to-code program designed exclusively for women. This coding bootcamp online features four difficulty levels. For those looking to dip their toes into coding, the “basics” program gives an overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The “max” program goes far beyond the basics and includes coursework in peripheral topics like search engine optimization (SEO). 

All SheCodes programs are primarily self-paced, though there are weekly homework deadlines. Additionally, students gain access to support from instructors and peers through Slack and help with resume-building and networking advice.  

Girls Who Code Technical Interview Prep

Learn how to crush your technical interviews with this free simulation from Girls Who Code.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Research, mission & value alignment, personal reflection, career development, technical interviews, whiteboard challenge, hash table

6. NuCamp — Best for Time Commitment

  • Cost: $458-$5,644
  • Length of Program: 4 weeks to 11 months
  • Weekly Commitment: 10-20 hrs/wk of self-study and one 4 hr/wk workshop

NuCamp offers six programs, including a short, four-week course on the fundamentals of web development and an 11-month complete software development training program. This software development course teaches students fundamental skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, cloud computing, react-redux, Python, and SQL. Students can also choose an in-between course, focusing exclusively on back-end, front-end, or full-stack development. 

NuCamp students have access to instructor feedback during the weekly workshops and can enroll in a career development course (included in the software engineering bootcamp) that features mock interviews, technical interview question support, and personalized career coaching

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7. Springboard — Best for Intermediate Students

  • Cost: $9,900-$19,480 (with deferred payment through Springboard)
  • Length of Program: 9 months
  • Weekly Commitment: 20-25 hrs/wk

Springboard’s software engineering coding bootcamp online is an intensive program that allows students to learn at their own pace. While the program is designed to take nine months, highly motivated students who can devote more than 20-25 hours per week may be able to finish much quicker. Springboard’s program also has a job guarantee — students are guaranteed to find a software engineering job within six months of completing the program, or Springboard will refund their tuition. However, not every student is eligible for this, and it’s not required. 

This program isn’t for beginners. Springboard’s online coding bootcamp is best for students with a foundation in coding who can benefit from the more in-depth teachings on topics like DOM manipulation, Flask, Node.js, Express, and jQuery. Additionally, Springboard offers one-on-one support from a mentor, career coach, and student advisor, and community managers are always available to help answer questions.

Working at Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Software Engineering

Develop a new feature for the Sims 4 game with this free job simulation from EA.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Communication, feature design, feature proposal, object-oriented design, class design, code analysis, data structures, code readability, game engine technology

8. Fullstack Academy

  • Cost: $19,910
  • Length of Program: 16 to 28 weeks 
  • Weekly Commitment: 15-30 hrs/wk

Fullstack Academy offers a variety of programs for beginner and intermediate coders. The Academy’s course offerings include both full-time and part-time online coding bootcamps, beginner programs for those just starting in tech, and Grace Hopper online coding programs for women and non-binary students. 

Since Fullstack Academy’s programs are live, students can get real-time support from instructors and mentors and work collaboratively with peers in virtual classrooms. Students learn to use SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS while working on real-world projects, like building a functional e-commerce website. 

Additionally, although Fullstack Academy is pricier than some competitors, partial scholarships are available for eligible students.

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9. Codesmith

  • Cost: $21,800
  • Length of Program: 13 to 38 weeks
  • Weekly Commitment: up to 63 hrs/wk 

The immersive software engineering program from Codesmith prepares students for a career in coding, giving them the basics in application UX optimization, JavaScript, and SQL. Codesmith also offers shorter intro-style courses for students to refresh their knowledge or advance existing skills.  

Codesmith’s programs aren’t self-paced — students must dedicate 11 hours per day, Monday through Friday, and an additional seven and a half hours on Saturday for full-time programs. But, because these are live programs, students can ask questions during the lectures, and Codesmith offers individualized career support like interview prep, networking opportunities, and resume building. Codesmith also offers monthly payment plan options and full and partial scholarships to eligible students.

Citibank logo NYC

Citi ICG Technology Software Development

Build your technical skills using real-world examples in this free job simulation from Citi.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: System design, state diagrams, flowcharts, written communication, machine learning, risk assessment, Java, APIs, back-end development

10. Hack Reactor by Galvanize

  • Cost: $19,480
  • Length of Program: 12 to 30 weeks
  • Weekly Commitment: 20-60+ hrs/wk

On top of being one of the more expensive programs on our list, Hack Reactor by Galvanize is also a big time commitment. The full-time online coding bootcamps require around 10 hours per day, six days per week. However, in exchange for this effort, students learn a range of software engineering and web development skills, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and the fundamentals of development security operations. 

Hack Reactor also offers scholarship opportunities for qualifying students.All lectures in the Hack Reactor programs are live, so students can ask their instructors questions in real-time and receive direct feedback on their progress. Additionally, students have access to one-on-one career coaching services, including resume building, mock interview training, and professional development workshops.

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Best Online Coding Bootcamps by the Numbers

CostLength of ProgramWeekly Time Commitment
Altcademy$1,190-$1,76012 to 50 weeks5-10 hrs/wk (part-time) or 40 hrs/wk (full-time)
Udacity$8464 months+10 hrs/wk
Coding Dojo$16,99516 to 34 weeks30 hrs/wk (part-time) or 70-90 hrs/wk (full-time)
Career Foundry$8,5005 to 10 months15-20 hrs/wk (to finish in 5 months) or 30-40 hrs/wk (to finish in 10 months)
SheCodes$99-$1,9901 week to 8 months5-20 hrs/wk
NuCamp$458-$5,6444 weeks to 11 months10-20 hrs/wk of self-study and one 4 hr/wk workshop
Springboard$9,900-$19,4809 months20-25 hrs/wk
Fullstack Academy$19,91016 to 28 weeks15-30 hrs/wk
Codesmith$21,80013 to 38 weeksup to 63 hrs/wk
Hack Reactor$19,48012 to 30 weeks20-60+ hrs/wk

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Tips for Doing a Coding Bootcamp Online

Stay on Track With Self-Paced Programs

It’s easy to fall behind with self-paced programs — there isn’t anyone to check in and hold you accountable. Set up a good plan going into the program and find methods to keep you on track and motivated. Some options are daily to-do lists, motivational mantras or music, or asking a friend to check in on your progress. 

Seek Support From Friends and Family

Bootcamps are intense experiences (especially the full-time ones). So, talk to your friends and family beforehand to see if there’s any way they can help make the process easier. For example, see if your friends can check in periodically or bring snacks to help you get through the longer, more-intense days. 

Get Prepared Before Starting

Make sure you know the coding bootcamp online requirements beforehand. For instance, some courses may have specific computer operating system requirements for the applications they use. Additionally, with any online course, it’s always a good idea to ensure you have reliable internet, a dedicated space to work, and a dependable laptop or computer.

Weigh Your Options

There’s no one-size-fits-all online coding bootcamp. To figure out if a program is right for you, determine your main goals for taking a coding course and what you intend to do once you’ve learned to code. If your ultimate goal is to land a job in software engineering, programs with job guarantees could be an excellent option. However, if you want to learn for personal projects or even just for fun, a cheaper or more flexible program may be the right fit. 

Remember that online bootcamps aren’t the only option, either. Online coding bootcamps are great, but if you’re someone who learns better in the classroom, an in-person coding program may be a better choice. Additionally,college programs, free coding courses, virtual experience programs, and paths to self-teach coding are great options to consider. It’s best to find a program that fits your life and learning style. 

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We chose the initial programs based on criteria including relative affordability, online vs. in-person learning, third-party reviews, student feedback, and location. Our ultimate goal was to find online coding bootcamps that are cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible for students and working professionals. 

The final list was ranked based on the following criteria and weights: 

  • Cost: 20%
  • Minimum time commitment per week: 20%
  • Amount of skills taught: 20%
  • Full-time and part-time options: 10%
  • Scholarship opportunities: 10%
  • Student support during course: 10%
  • Student career support after completion of course: 10%

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