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Emily Courtney

Emily Courtney is an Assigning Editor at Forage. She has written and edited career and education-related content as an Editor for FabJob, Content Specialist for FlexJobs, and Content Editor for Thruline Marketing. She also served as the Managing Editor for Hyperbiotics.

Her work has been featured in Money Talks News, MSN, The Penny Hoarder, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and more.

Favorite Career Advice

Finding your dream career can take time, but never give up! Setting aside dedicated time every day to research careers, search for jobs, network, and apply to roles that match your goals and skills will help you move toward the outcome you're looking for.

Experience Highlights

  • Editorial professional with more than 12 years of experience writing and editing in the careers and education space
  • Extensive experience creating and editing content to help job seekers find their dream careers

Latest Articles

What Is a Security Engineer?

With unprecedented numbers of cyberattacks and billions of dollars in losses due to malicious cyber activity every year, security engineers are more important than ever.  As IT professionals, these security-focused engineers are responsible for protecting a company’s networks and computer systems to safeguard sensitive information from cyberattacks. By designing, implementing, and monitoring security protocols, they …

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What Is a Management Consultant?

What is a management consultant? In general, a management consultant provides organizations with strategic advice and project management consulting to help them resolve a variety of complex business issues.  Ready to learn if management consulting is the right career for you? In this guide, we cover: What Does a Management Consultant Do? Management consultants work …

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Management consultant analyzing data with client
What Is Management Consulting?

Companies utilize management consulting services to get advice on a variety of strategy and organizational issues. Consultants use their expertise and experience to help these organizations resolve complex business problems.  Management consulting is an esteemed field that includes both strategy and implementation. Ready to learn more? In this guide, we cover: Management Consulting Definition So, …

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Job Search Anxiety After College? Find Your Zen With These 8 Tips

Congratulations, you’ve graduated from college (or will soon)! So, what’s next? For most recent graduates, finding work is priority number one, but it’s a process that leaves many with job search anxiety.  Anxiety about a job search is completely normal, no matter your age. But college students have unique stressors when it comes to finding …

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job search anxiety
What Is a Strategy Consultant?

If you have a business background and love working on complicated business and management strategies, a job as a strategy consultant may be the perfect fit. These consultants help companies and organizations develop strategic plans for specific goals. Ready to learn more about a strategy consulting career? In this guide, we cover: What Does a …

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strategy consultant meeting
What Is Strategy Consulting?

Strategy consulting involves helping businesses come up with strategic plans for various processes. Strategy consultants generally work with C-suite executives and high-level managers to understand and provide recommendations for a company’s goals and objectives. Ready to learn more about this prestigious industry? In this guide, we cover: Strategy Consulting Definition and Types Strategy consulting is …

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strategy consulting meeting