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John Egan is a freelance writer and content marketing strategist in Austin, Texas. His specialties include personal finance, real estate, and health and wellness. John’s work has appeared on CreditCards.com, Bankrate, Forbes Advisor, Experian, The Balance and U.S. News & World Report.

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Is Semiconductors a Good Career Path?

The world essentially could not run without semiconductors.  Also known as integrated circuits or microchips, semiconductors help power computers, smartphones, TVs, video games, and many other electronic devices — and are considered the “brains of modern electronics.” Curious if semiconductors is a good career path? Given the critical and evolving role that semiconductors play in …

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semiconductor career path
Is Business Services a Good Career Path?

Business services is a broad career category that includes sectors like information technology, engineering, architecture, law, advertising, marketing, staffing, consulting, facilities management, waste management, shipping, and security. Are you conducting career planning and wondering: Is business services a good career path? What Is Business Services? The business services industry in the U.S. consists of about …

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Is Professional Services a Good Career Path?

Professional services jobs are service-sector positions that require some type of special training. People and companies in professional services provide expertise and services to clients and consumers, rather than a product. Professional and business services is a high-demand industry with plenty of opportunities for qualified job seekers. But is professional services a good career path? …

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What Is Underwriting?

Many businesses rely on the underwriting process to evaluate and manage financial risks. For instance, an insurance company uses underwriting to judge applicants for coverage and decide whether to accept or deny their application. Similarly, a mortgage lender relies on underwriting to evaluate a loan application and determine whether to approve or reject a home …

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What is underwriting?
What Is an Insurance Underwriter?

An insurance underwriter combs through an insurance application to gauge the applicant’s risk and determine whether to extend coverage. Through the underwriting process, an underwriter also figures out how much the insurance policy will cost and the limits of the coverage. Insurance underwriters  make decisions about various types of insurance, including auto, homeowners, life, disability, …

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