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‘What Is My Passion?’ Quiz: A No-Stress Way to Learn What to Do in Life

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We’ve all heard that if we love what we do, we won’t feel like we’ve worked a day in our lives. But how can you figure out what career you might love if you don’t know your passion? If you’re stuck wondering, “What is my passion?” we’ve designed a low-stress, free way to help you figure out what kind of work might be a good fit for you — and give you career options that fit that passion so you can find a job you love.

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‘What Is My Passion?’ Quiz

Ready to answer “What is my passion?” and learn what careers you’re best suited for based on what you love? You’ll have to sign up for your results, but it’s absolutely free. Let’s get started!

1. I lose track of time when…
2. My friends would describe me as…
3. I'd describe myself as…
4. I prefer to read…
5. In the friend group, I'm the…
6. Your high school superlative should have been…
7. I feel most proud when someone tells me…
8. My superpower would be…
9. I learn best by…
10. My favorite movie genre is…
11. Pick a real TedTalk to listen to.
12. If I had to try a new hobby, I'd probably start with…
13. Pick a social platform.
14. If I started a podcast, I'd interview people who have…
15. I'd like to have dinner with…
16. In a group research project, I take the role of…
17. The parts of my life that make me happiest right now are my…
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What Is My Passion? Quiz: Next Steps and Advice

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to finding your passion by completing the quiz. What’s next? How else can you work on answering, “What is my passion?”


How do you feel about your results? Were you surprised? Were they what you expected? Any reaction is OK! Take time to reflect and consider why you had the specific response. 

For example, if you were surprised, ask yourself why you were shocked. Did you want something different? Have other people told you your passion should be something else? Understanding your previous emotions and expectations about what you should be passionate about and why can help you unlock what you’re genuinely interested in. 

“It’s essential to self-reflect and identify interests, strengths, values, and skills,” says Eric Eng, a private college admissions consultant and the founder and CEO of AdmissionSight. “Taking the time to understand yourself better can offer invaluable insights into the kinds of work you find fulfilling.”

Don’t Expect Your Passion to “Show Up”

If you’re not feeling incredibly excited about your “What is my passion?” result, don’t wait for the excitement to arrive — start acting!

“A common mistake is waiting for passion to find you instead of actively exploring different areas,” says John R. Miles, podcast host of “Passion Struck.” “Passion often develops over time and through experience. Oprah Winfrey, for example, didn’t start as a media mogul; she explored various roles in media, which gradually led to her discovering her true passion in talk show hosting and media production.”

Instead, discover what you might be passionate about by experimenting, exploring, and trying new things. Internships, externships, volunteer opportunities, extracurriculars, courses, and Forage job simulations are all great opportunities to figure out what you like — and, just as importantly, what you don’t like.

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PassionIntroductory Forage job simulation to try
Helping othersGE Explore Human Resources
Advising othersBCG Introduction to Strategy Consulting
Making a differenceClifford Chance Climate Change Law
Creating something newbp Digital Design & UX
Solving problemsJPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineering Lite

Think Long-Term, Not Short

Eng says it’s easy to equate passion with fun and excitement, especially with activities that bring you instant gratification. “This approach can lead to overlooking things that may not be immediately exciting but can turn into a true passion over time.”

Instead, he advises thinking long-term about tasks, skills, or hobbies you’ve been drawn to much of your life.

“It’s important to understand that passion often comes from mastery and a deep sense of satisfaction in one’s work, which can take time and effort to develop,” Eng says.

Look Inward, Not Outward

Robert Choi, founder of TheGovCoach.com, warns students not to follow a career path “based on external expectations or perceived prestige rather than personal interest and fulfillment. Students often overlook what truly excites them in favor of what they believe will be more acceptable or lucrative, which can lead to dissatisfaction.”

It’s hard to block out the noise when you have people you love and trust trying to help you answer, “What is my passion?” While you can listen to their perspectives, try not to internalize their passions or wishes for you as your own — to find satisfaction at work, your career should be what you really want.

What Is My Passion? Quiz: The Bottom Line

Answering “What is my passion?” isn’t a simple or one-step process. But you’ve done the most challenging part — getting started.

“Stay open-minded and be willing to pivot,” Choi says. “The journey to finding your passion is often non-linear and can involve exploring various paths. Be open to changing directions as you gain more knowledge about yourself and the world of work. Remember, it’s about finding a career that not only suits your skills but also ignites your passion and aligns with your personal values.”

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