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Guide to Working at SAP

Working at SAP

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As a leading business process management software company, SAP delivers solutions that help businesses organize and distribute data more effectively.

Ready to discover more about SAP careers? Learn about working at SAP, including average salaries and benefits, student internship opportunities, and company culture. This guide covers: 

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What Is SAP? 

In 1972, five entrepreneurs and former IBM employees started System Analysis Program Development, now SAP, to help businesses harness the power of data and become successful in the digital age. Originally a small private company, SAP is now the world’s largest enterprise application software provider, with more than 245 million subscribers in its cloud user base. 

With a portfolio of business function solutions that include supply chain management applications, travel and expense management software, enterprise resource planning software, and procurement applications software, SAP counts 99 of the world’s 100 largest companies as customers.

Today, the company is led by Christian Klein, who joined SAP in 1999 as a student and worked his way up from the active global support operations team. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP has more than 110,000 worldwide employees and office locations in over 78 countries. In 2021, SAP earned more than $29 billion in total revenue.

SAP Careers and Salaries

Working at SAP is all about innovation and advancing enterprise software, and the company hires collaborative and creative individuals committed to improving the world. SAP breaks down its career opportunities into seven broad categories: 

  • Development and technology 
  • Sales
  • Consulting services and support
  • Marketing and communications 
  • Corporate operations
  • Human resources
  • Finance

Not sure which of the company’s teams is right for you? SAP offers a skills matcher to help prospective employees find the right career fit. Below are several job titles and average salaries on two of SAP’s teams.

SAP Consulting Jobs 

SAP’s consulting team falls under the consulting services and support category. Consultants in IT work with SAP clients to advise and devise strategies to enhance how data is utilized and to help customers integrate SAP solutions into their business.

On Glassdoor, these are the average salaries for technology consulting positions at SAP: 

  • Technical consultant: $198,000
  • Senior technical consultant: $228,800
  • Applications consultant: $216,500
  • IT consultant: $156,400 
  • Senior IT consultant: $194,100
  • Principal technology consultant: $286,000

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SAP Engineering and Technology Jobs 

SAP’s development and technology team spearheads innovation at the company. Helping shape the digital transformation of its customers, SAP’s technology team creates new software and maintains standards on already-developed software. Job categories include IT, design and development, user experience, quality assurance, research, development operations, and product management.

According to Glassdoor, below are the reported average salaries of tech-related positions at SAP: 

  • Software engineer: $171,200
  • Senior software engineer: $199,400
  • Software developer: $168,500
  • Senior developer: $191,800
  • Quality specialist: $95,200
  • Senior quality specialist: $148,200
  • DevOps engineer: $171,300 
  • Support architect: $221,000

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Student and New Graduate Opportunities at SAP 

SAP offers a variety of internship and career opportunities for students and recent graduates. Committed to investing in the future with the next generation of employees, SAP gives students and new grads the opportunity to gain new skills, network with colleagues, and potentially land a full-time position. 

Currently, SAP offers several paths depending on where you are in your educational and career journey.


More than 50% of SAP student interns go on to accept full-time jobs at the company — making the internship track an excellent way to get your foot in the door.


SAP’s Internship Experience Program (iXp) spans anywhere from 10 weeks to a year. It’s a full-time, paid internship that gives students a chance to meet mentors, attend networking and social events, and gain new skills and on-the-job experience. Interns have access to virtual and in-person events and learning offerings while they work on impactful projects and run campaigns.

The company hires more than 2,000 interns yearly for the iXp, which is available in 22 countries. If you live in a country that doesn’t offer an iXp, you can pursue a standard paid internship (three months to one year) on a full-time or part-time basis. Both types of internships are available for every business function at SAP, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), marketing, and coding.

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Not sure if you’re ready to jump right into an internship? See if your university is part of the SAP University Alliances program. Students can participate in competitions, courses, and events while learning about and working with the latest SAP technology and innovations.

SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program

Also called Scholar@SAP or Vocational Training, the STAR programs are paid, multi-year rotational programs where students rotate through multiple teams while working on projects and receiving coaching and on-the-job training. Application requirements include:

  • Current college or university student
  • Enrolled as a STEM major
  • Live near Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 
  • Can work part-time during school and full-time during summer

The application process includes an online technical assessment and two rounds of interviews.

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SAP offers recent graduates the chance to get real-life experience through various graduate programs and the company’s entry-level positions. 

Programs for graduates are available across many career fields and include bootcamps, rotational programs, classroom training, and job placements.

SAP Benefits and Perks

Like many global companies, SAP offers traditional benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans, health savings accounts, insurance, and paid time off. 

SAP also offers various unique benefits for its U.S. employees: 

  • Wellness programs: SAP provides opportunities for employees to track their health and participate in physical and mental well-being programs — such as virtual fitness and mindfulness classes. The company also offers a diabetes management program and behavioral health support for families. 
  • Tuition reimbursement: SAP reimburses up to $8,500 each year for tuition-related costs (must earn A and B grades to qualify).
  • Parental benefits: Besides paid family leave, SAP offers parents flexible hours and a breast milk delivery service for working mothers. In addition, the New Child Return-to-Work Transition Time allows new parents to work 20 hours per week for four weeks at full pay after returning from paid family leave. Adoption assistance benefits of $10,000 and surrogacy assistance benefits of $20,000 are also available.
  • Pledge to Flex: SAP’s Pledge to Flex policy lets employees decide when and where they want to work, as long as it aligns with business and team requirements.

According to Glassdoor, current and past SAP employees rate the company’s benefits 4.4 out of 5 stars. In addition to glowing reviews for its traditional benefits, employees also rate work from home, tuition assistance, and free lunch and snacks perks highly. On Comparably, employees rate SAP’s benefits 85 out of 100, which is an A+ score. An impressive 86% of employees are satisfied with their benefits.

SAP Culture

SAP is proud of its company culture and encourages employees to find their own versions of success. This approach to company culture has proven successful, as indicated by a 92.8% employee retention rate in 2021. Three traits define SAP’s culture:

  • Collaboration beyond boundaries: helping and supporting each other across a diverse global network
  • Limitless growth: embracing a growth mindset that encourages learning and development
  • Innovation for impact: focusing on innovation to help partners, customers, and colleagues

SAP also landed on several “best of” lists, such as Glassdoor’s 2022 Best Places to Work, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, the Human Rights Campaign’s Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality 2022, and Forbes’ World’s Top Female Friendly Companies in 2022.

Overall, current and previous employees rate the company culture a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Comparably, which is an A+ grade. Further, 90% of SAP employees call their work environment positive, and 74% of employees said they are happy with their work-life balance.

SAP is also a certified Great Place to Work, with 90% of employees making the claim. Other results from the 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study are:

  • 95% of employees say they can take time off work when needed
  • 93% felt welcomed when they joined the company
  • 92% are proud to say they work there

Based on more than 2,300 employee reviews, MIT’s Culture500 found that agility is the most frequently negatively discussed cultural value at SAP. Conversely, innovation is the most often positively discussed value.

Values and Initiatives 

SAP “aspires to a world with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality” with these initiatives: 

  • Sustainability: Starting its carbon reduction journey in 2009, SAP is committed to achieving net zero by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral in its operations by 2023. Also, SAP is dedicated to reducing paper, water, and electronic waste.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: SAP’s commitment to inclusion is evident in its extensive employee network groups, 91% positive rating for diversity and inclusion, 29.4% women in leadership, and 217 colleagues in the Autism at Work program.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: With the goal of improving people’s lives and helping the world run better, SAP focuses on “accelerating social business, building future skills, and collaborating for sustainability.” In 2021, over 20,000 employees engaged in more than 107,000 volunteering hours and supported over 2,000 nonprofits and social enterprises. 

SAP vs. Salesforce 

Not sure if SAP is the right fit for you? Salesforce, another cloud-based software company, is one of SAP’s competitors. Here’s how these two companies compare based on past and current employee ratings on Glassdoor

OverallCulture & ValuesDiversity & InclusionWork-Life BalanceCompensation & BenefitsRecommend to a FriendPositive Business Outlook
SAP4.4 / 54.5 / 54.5 / 54.3 / 54.1 / 592%81%
Salesforce4.4 / 54.5 / 54.5 / 54.2 / 54.4 / 589%84%

On Comparably, the two companies tie on overall culture, gender score, and diversity score, but Salesforce pulls ahead for perks and benefits and professional development.

How Does the SAP Interview Process Work?

The company breaks down the application process into five easy steps to help you land a position with helpful tips along the way. 


Before you apply, learn more about SAP through its website and social media accounts. Also, sign up for job alerts and strategically plan your job search to be sure you find the perfect role.


Once you find a job to apply to, take your time in the application process, ensure your contact information is accurate, and customize your resume and cover letter to the position you are applying for.


The interview process varies depending on the specific position; however, be prepared for pre-screening calls, assessments, and hiring manager interviews. Also, be prepared to discuss your experience and behaviors that demonstrate client-centricity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork and inclusion.

Get Offer

If you receive an offer, a recruiter will contact you to go over the information you need. If not, keep applying until you succeed! 


Leading up to your start date, you’ll gain access to a pre-start portal to browse important company information. Then, once you start, you’ll go through local, global, and role-specific onboarding processes. 

SAP recruiters also offer several interview tips for prospective employees:

  • Come prepared to ask questions about the role, team challenges, and future direction of the company. If you can easily find the answer online, don’t ask!
  • Prepare an elevator pitch that quickly highlights your strengths and achievements.
  • Ask the interviewer if they have any hesitations or reservations about hiring you. This gives you a chance to address issues head-on.
  • Talk about how you’re staying up to date in the tech field, including side projects or hobbies you’re working on that are relevant to the role.
  • Look closely at the job description and come up with examples of how you’ve used your skills and experience to achieve similar goals.

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Here’s how past interviewees landed their interviews, according to Glassdoor: 

  • 54% applied online
  • 20% applied through campus recruiting
  • 12% applied with an employee referral 
  • 7% applied through a recruiter 
  • 3% applied in-person 

As for the interview itself, the process should take about two weeks, according to reviewers on Indeed. Some reported steps include phone screenings, on-site interviews, background checks, and group interviews. 

According to Glassdoor, 72% of SAP interviewees had a positive interview experience, and 14% reported a negative experience.

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  • SAP is an enterprise application software company dedicated to helping clients and customers integrate all business processes. 
  • Student opportunities at SAP include internships, graduate programs, and vocational training. 
  • Benefits at SAP include work flexibility and remote and hybrid work options.
  • SAP is a certified Great Place to Work, with several awards for company culture, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • Most applicants who land interviews apply online, and 72% report a positive interview experience.

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