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What Types of Careers Are Right For Me? Quiz

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There are many different types of careers, from finance-focused careers like investment banking and accounting to creative careers like marketing and music. With so many options, it can be overwhelming and even anxiety-producing to decide. No need to stress — we’ve created a straightforward, dare we say, “fun” quiz to help you narrow down what type of career is right for you.

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Why Should I Take a “Types of Careers Quiz”?

The job search isn’t easy, and it can be more challenging if you start without knowing where you want to end up. While you may have an idea of some roles you might be interested in, knowing the types of careers that are right for you can help you clarify your scope.

For example, I always knew that I loved writing. When I started my job search, though, I had no idea what kind of career I should look into — there are so many options for “writer!” I could work in a more STEM-related career, doing technical writing to help people understand more complex concepts. I could be in a creative job, using writing for a marketing or advertising role. I could focus on business and finance, writing content about industry news or long-form investment advice to CEOs. Or, I could apply my writing skills to a public service career, working to produce content for a nonprofit or government campaign. 

Even though I thought I knew what I wanted to do, I had no idea what type of career I should apply it to. Taking a “types of career” quiz would have helped me (and can help you):

  • Understand what industries I was a good fit for
  • Learn what kinds of roles I might find interesting
  • Give me a clear place to start my career search
  • Narrow down specific sectors and types of companies to look into

That’s why we’ve created a career quiz that will show you the right types of careers for you based on your:

  • Strengths: what subjects you’re naturally drawn to, and your innate skill set
  • Working style: when you work best and how you like to work with others
  • Personality: your preferences and interests
  • Career goals: what you want out of work

And we’ll assess all of this without any too-technical questions (or too obvious ones). Let’s get started!

Types of Careers Quiz

Ready to figure out what types of careers are right for you? You’ll need to sign up to see your results, but it’s absolutely free — and you’ll get them immediately!

1. Imagine yourself at a football game. What role are you playing?
2. You're planning a party with friends. What task do you volunteer for?
3. You'd be most proud if you won an award for…
4. Think past your career and into retirement. You'd feel happy if you knew you'd…
5. You'd describe your style as…
6. Working with others makes you feel…
7. Pick an uncommon hobby to try.
8. You feel most accomplished when…
9. You feel most frustrated when…
10. You're babysitting a five-year-old. What activity do you suggest?
11. Pick a fun work benefit.
12. How do you occupy yourself on a flight?
13. You work best in…
14. Your ideal vacation in a foreign country includes…
15. You're faced with a tight school deadline. You're most likely to…
16. All of your friends are always jealous of your ability to…
17. If you opened a restaurant, you'd make the specialty…
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Types of Careers: A Complete List

Curious about what types of careers you didn’t get in your results? Here’s a complete list of different types of careers, what kinds of roles you might find in those paths, salary information, and how you can try them out for free.


STEM careers, or careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, focus on using analytical skills to solve complex problems. These types of careers are a great fit for people with excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail who want to help innovate and build real-world solutions.

Career Average salary*Forage job simulation
Data scientist $115,200British Airways Data Science
Software engineer$132,900JPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineering Lite
Engineer$127,100GE Aerospace Explore Engineering
Life scientist$100,400Thermo Fisher Mass Spectrometry

Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities careers are creative careers that focus on expression, communication, and culture. These types of careers are a great fit for imaginative people who typically enjoy project-based work, whether that’s designing a new website or creating an effective marketing plan. 

Career Average salary*Forage job simulation
UX Designer$101,700bp Digital Design & UX
Product Designer$117,200Accenture Product Design
Entrepreneur $86,100Moreton Bay Regional Council Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Marketing manager$158,300lululemon Omnichannel Marketing

Business and Finance

Business and finance careers are careers that focus on helping people and companies make the right strategic decisions. People who thrive in these types of careers are great critical thinkers who enjoy applying their expertise to help others problem-solve.

Career Average salary*Forage job simulation 
Accountant$86,700PwC Audit
Investment banker$144,500 Bank of America Investment Banking
Consultant$104,700BCG Introduction to Strategy Consulting
Corporate lawyer$150,400Latham & Watkins Mergers & Acquisitions
Data analyst$76,700Tata Data Visualisation: Empowering Business with Effective Insights

Public Service and Social Impact

Public service and social impact careers focus on making a difference in people’s lives, whether that’s educating community members, funding social services, or advocating for others’ rights. People who thrive in these types of careers are compassionate and find fulfillment in helping others.

Career Average salary*Forage job simulation 
Human resources manager$145,800GE Explore Human Resources
Human rights lawyer$100,600Clifford Chance Business and Human Rights
Family lawyer$92,800Leo Cussen Family Law
Occupational therapist$92,800APM Occupational Rehabilitation
Medical scientist$98,800Pfizer Molecule to Market

*All salaries are rounded to the nearest hundred.

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