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Guide to Working at JPMorgan

Working at JPMorgan Chase

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As the largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase is a well-established and respected player in the financial services industry. Could you imagine your future with them?

This guide walks you through what you should know if you’re considering applying to JPMorgan careers.

What is JPMorgan?

With roots stemming back to 1799, JPMorgan is one of the oldest and well-known investment banking companies in the world. JPMorganChase & Co. was established in 2000 after Chase Manhattan and JPMorgan merged.  

Today, the company holds over $2.6 trillion in assets worldwide and is actively operating in more than 60 countries. Presently, their corporate headquarters in New York are undergoing a complete renovation. The company also has another 171 office locations worldwide with impressive campuses — some offering exercise facilities, on-site healthcare services, and extensive food options.

JPMorgan’s leadership switched in 2005 from former CEO, William B. Harrison, to the current CEO, Jamie Dimon. Currently, Glassdoor reports 88% of those who left reviews view the current CEO favorably.

JPMorgan Student Opportunities and Internships

JPMorgan offers over 25 different internship programs in areas like technology, engineering, banking, investment management, and data science. In addition to summer analyst and associate internships, JPMorgan has a variety of early insight programs for students to explore career options at the firm.

>>MORE: JPMorgan has summer 2025 internship opportunities still open in Markets, Payments, Risk Management, Global Private Bank, Security Services Leadership, Global Corporate Banking, and Asset Management. Start by enrolling in a JPMorgan job simulation on Forage to uplevel your skills, then apply!

Explore Internships at JPMorgan

Learn the types of programs JPMorgan offers and how to apply.

JPMorgan Jobs and Salaries

JPMorgan employs over 240,000 employees in diverse business areas, including asset management, corporate finance, technology, human resources, and retail banking. We’ve pulled together some of the common job titles and roles across the firm and included salary range estimates from Glassdoor. The salary estimates represent those with 0 to 1 years of experience in that role. 

Asset and Wealth Management

Asset and wealth management at JPMorgan involves working with individuals and institutions to advise, manage, and grow their wealth. Some roles in asset and wealth management with average salary ranges include:

J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Global Private Bank

Explore a career in private banking and build the skills you need to succeed in this free job simulation from JPMorgan.

Avg. Time: 4 to 5 hours

Skills you’ll build: Communication, relationship building, networking, problem solving, presentation skills, client relationship, sales, relationship skills, prospecting

Commercial Banking

In the commercial banking sector of JPMorgan, professionals help businesses raise money and reach financial goals. Additionally, the firm engages in community development, funding projects like community facilities or affordable housing that directly improve small neighborhoods and communities. The types of positions in JPMorgan’s commercial banking division include:

  • Commercial banking analyst: $64,000 to $108,000
  • Financial adviser: $84,000 to $156,000
  • Credit risk analyst: $63,000 to $107,000
  • Client services manager: $66,000 to $109,000
J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Commercial Banking Innovation Development Program

Seeking future leaders and disrupters, eager to kickstart their career in a rotational program across three distinct areas within Commercial Banking. This is your opportunity to get a true feel for what it's like to be an IDP analyst at JPMorgan Chase.

Avg. Time: 8 to 11.5 hours

Skills you’ll build: Issue trees, structured problem solving, total addressable market, market size estimation, data mining, data scraping, data analysis, Excel pivot tables, stakeholder interviews

Consumer and Community Banking

The consumer and community banking division of JPMorgan deals with day-to-day customer needs, like finding a mortgage, opening a credit card, or building savings for retirement. Bankers in the consumer and community banking sector also work with small businesses. Some job titles in this area of the firm are: 

  • Licensed personal banker: $61,000 to $96,000
  • Bank teller: $34,000 to $46,000
  • Product manager: $102,000 to $179,000
  • Underwriter: $54,000 to $87,000
J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Excel Skills

Build and apply Excel skills, including Visual Basic for Applications, in a realistic business context using account sales data.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Microsoft Excel, Excel shortcuts, conditional formatting, data exploration, VBA Macros, data visualization, dashboards, written communication

Corporate and Investment Banking

JPMorgan’s corporate and investment banking sector handles the trading of securities, like stocks and bonds, as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and quantitative research for institutional clients. The types of roles in the corporate and investment banking division include:

  • Investment banking analyst: $125,000 to $218,000
  • Quantitative analyst: $115,000 to $189,000
  • Managing director (a high-level investment banker): $219,000 to $408,000
  • Risk analyst: $59,000 to $99,000
J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Quantitative Research

Learn in-demand quantitative research skills in this free job simulation from JPMorgan.

Avg. Time: 6 to 7 hours

Skills you’ll build: Programming, data analysis, Python, derivatives, critical thinking, statistics, credit, dynamic programming

Cross-Firm Functions

Cross-firm functions at JPMorgan include marketing, legal careers, human resources, data, and the financial management for the firm as a whole. Some roles in these areas are: 

J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Global Finance and Business Management

Explore the skills you need to run a business effectively in this free job simulation from JPMorgan.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Excel, data analysis, pivot tables, written communication, Tableau, data visualization, dashboards, storytelling, variance commentary


JPMorgan is big on tech and innovation — the firm invests $14 billion annually on tech. The technology sector at JPMorgan includes areas like software engineering, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Some tech job titles at JPMorgan include: 

J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

JPMorgan Cybersecurity

Learn fundamental cybersecurity skills with this free job simulation from JPMorgan.

Avg. Time: 5 hours

Skills you’ll build: Exploratory data analysis, Open Source, presentation, application security hygiene, web application development, email security fundamentals, data structures

JPMorgan Benefits

Working at JPMorgan comes with some serious perks. Depending on your position, benefits may look a bit different but, on top of health insurance and time off, you can expect:

  • 401(k): For its retirement saving fund, JPMorgan matches up to 5% of pay based on employee contributions.
  • Parent Benefits: New parents working at JPMorgan can expect 16 weeks of paid parental leave for the main guardian and six weeks paid for the secondary guardian. Parents can also take advantage of lactation coaches, a parental mentoring program, and childcare once they return back to work.
  • Health/Wellness Support: JPMorgan provides health coaches, onsite wellness centers, medical reimbursement accounts, and wellness screenings.
  • Discounts: JPMorgan offers discounts on a range of fitness memberships, Weight Watchers, banking products, and legal/financial consultations.

JPMorgan employees rate their benefits package a 4.3 out of 5 on Glassdoor, with positive reviews highlighting generous paid time off and maternity leave. However, less positive reviews note that the health insurance coverage can be a little expensive and it’s sometimes difficult to actually use the available paid time off benefits. 

JPMorgan Culture

JPMorgan prides itself on striving for a diverse and inclusive workplace. The firm reports 49% of new hires globally are women and 58% of new hires in the U.S. are ethnically diverse. Additionally, JPMorgan consistently earns a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s index for LGBTQ-friendly workplaces. 

To further these results, the firm has company-wide initiatives, like: 

  • Women on the Move: Demonstrating the company’s commitment to women empowerment and equity, this ongoing initiative works to support female employees of the firm, expand women-run businesses, better women’s financial health, and fuel women’s career growth.
  • Advancing Black Pathways: JPMorgan committed $30 billion by the end of 2025 to help black, Hispanic, and Latino communities access homeownership, affordable housing, small business loans, and banking. 
  • Military and Veterans: JPMorgan co-founded the Veterans Jobs Mission which is a group of companies committed to employing former members of the military. So far, the initiative has hired more than 900,000 veterans at 300 companies.

What do JPMorgan employees think of the company? According to MIT’s Culture 500,collaboration is the most positively discussed cultural value at JPMorgan, while lack of agility is the most negatively discussed.

According to Comparably, employees rateJPMorgan’s overall culture 3.6 out of 5 stars. As for work-life balance, 60% of employees report being happy with their current balance. Employees at JPMorgan typically take 20 to 30 paid time off or sick days per year, and 67% describe the company culture as positive. 

Personality Career Quiz

Learn what roles you’re best suited for based on your specific characteristics.

JPMorgan’s Competitors

Wondering how working for J.P. Morgan differs from other big banks in the financial industry? As a member of the bulge bracket investment banking companies  in the United States, JPMorgan often competes for clients and talent with Goldman Sachs, Citi, and Bank of America. We’ve compared these companies based on overall employee ratings from Glassdoor, Comparable, and Indeed. 

JPMorgan4.0 out of 53.6 out of 53.9 out of 5
Goldman Sachs3.8 out of 53.8 out of 53.9 out of 5
Citi3.8 out of 53.7 out of 53.9 out of 5
Bank of America4.0 out of 53.6 out of 53.8 out of 5

Curious about interning for a major bank? Check out our internship guides to learn what programs each company offers and get tips and tricks to get hired: 

Applying at JPMorgan

JPMorgan is notorious for being incredibly selective in the hiring process. In 2021, JPMorgan received 50,000 applications for only about 400 internship positions. As competition increases, here’s what you need to know about the interview process.

It takes a certain personality to work for JPMorgan. According to JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, knowledge, character, and reliability are three traits he looks for in potential employees. Use your application and past experiences to highlight these characteristics for a better chance of landing a position.

The firm also offers some tips to help your application stand out when applying, including:

  • Match skills in the job description to your resume
  • Request trusted friends, family members, or mentors to review your resume and cover letter
  • Include specific examples, but avoid going overboard with details 

Forage Resume Writing Masterclass

Write a resume hiring managers can't ignore with this free masterclass from Forage.

Avg. Time: 5 to 6 hours

Skills you’ll build: Resume writing, identifying job titles, professional summary, transferable skills, industry keywords, showcasing outcomes of your contributions

Interviewing with JPMorgan

JPMorgan’s interview process involves multiple stages and these interviews can be done virtually or in-person. 

To prepare for an interview with JPMorgan: 

  • Research the firm and your desired role — you want to sound confident and knowledgeable.
  • Ensure your space is quiet and not distracting for phone or video interviews (this is also true for one-way interviews!) 
  • Don’t forget to ask the interviewer questions — you’ll come across more interested in the role and can make yourself memorable by asking the right questions.
  • Follow-up your interview by sending a thank you note to the interviewer.

Practicing common job interview questions can help you know what to expect, especially role-specific interview questions, like:

If you’re still in the “explore” phase of finding a job at JPMorgan, you can experience what it’s like to work in a number of its departments through Forage’s free job simulations. 

Glassdoor reviewers, on average, rated JPMorgan a 3 out of 5  in terms of interview difficulty and 64% of applicants had a positive interview experience.

Forage Find

Did you know most companies hire interns on a rolling basis? This means the first applications in are the first to be reviewed and the first to be hired! Getting your application in as soon as the application opens can improve your chances of success!

Bottom Line: What’s It Like to Work at JPMorgan?

  • JPMorgan is an elite financial services and investment banking company that employs over 240,000 people worldwide.
  • Students can get their foot in the door through the firm’s summer analyst and associate internships, early insight programs, and networking events both on and off campus. 
  • As a banking giant, JPMorgan has a diverse array of career paths, including software engineering, qualitative analysis, business management, and accounting. 
  • Employees at rival banks tend to rate their experiences similarly to those at JPMorgan.
  • Although JPMorgan is selective in its interview process, Glassdoor reviewers rated their interview experiences as average difficulty, and the firm offers helpful tips for those preparing to apply or interview.
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